Joho’s Underwears Stir Reactions From Supporters And Cynics Online – See This

Have we officially entered the era of underwear campaign prints? Have you heard of the Joho Underwears?

It’s no news that there exists a variety of high quality, full color campaign supplies that can help politicians stand out among other candidates.  From political yard signs, door hangers, campaign signs, brochures and flyers, campaign stickers, business cards, posters and more.

And these printed election supplies and political products prints give campaigns a voice and more votes no matter the political positions they stand for.

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But using an underwear to gain a competitive edge against opponents is something we probably haven’t seen or heard before.

Some photos showing one of the daring campaign prints emerged online; underpants labelled “Joho Tena 2017”.

The photos stirred a mix of wild excitement and criticism among social media users.

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And as you might expect, they didn’t run short of speculations, opining that the orange in colour garments are part of Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s campaign, to retain his seat in 2017 elections.

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A section of the public praised the idea as a good campaign strategy while others felt it was an insignificant step. The cynics believe it will only be a waste of time, while the supporters believe any kind of material can be used in sending message out there, and also think using custom-made political campaign underpants could also help the politician’s campaign.

Attempts to confirm whether or not the boxers are part of his campaign material proved abortive.

Have A Look At The Pictures Below And Let Us Your Take On It 

Joho Underwears cause funny Reactions

Joho Underwears cause funny Reactions-2

Joho Underwears cause funny Reactions-3

If it is true, this may be the first underwear campaign print since the beginning of the rallies for the 2017 elections.