Video: Migori Woman Ruins Her Husband Expensive Land Rover Over Infidelity

A man from Migori County got served by his angry wife, Joyce Kandie, after he was caught with a mpango wa kando whom he has been sponsoring and dating since November last year – according to the wife.

His wife, Joyce Kandie said the man has been neglecting her and their six children. According to her, the side chick in the picture seems to have used magic on her husband who suddenly turned against his family.

She also said her husband disappeared with the woman, abandoning her and the children. He never came home, never provided for food and even changed his mobile phone contact, she says.

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Joyce hinted that she began to keep update of her husband’s whereabouts. Explaining how she has been suffering alone, she said the man had relocated her to a house of is Ksh4,000 from their old house of Ksh15,000.

Joyce Kandie added that her children have been falling sick on a regular basis. When asked to provide money for treatment, he always suggested she borrows from a maize vendor who is her friend, she reported.

Kandie said she has told authorities about her unfaithful husband, but nothing has been done. According to her, this is because he has refused to respond to the authorities after being summoned severally.

Kandie said:

“He used to visit me every once in a while, but stopped along the line – and he even stopped going to work. I think the woman has used black magic charms on him.”

Joyce Kandie further said she wants nothing but a divorce now that her marriage is no longer working. This  she says will abate the threats from her husband who had promised to kill her.

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Her husband also told her they are now of different “class” and can’t be together anymore. And according to her, he has never neared her since November.

Angry Kandie told Citizen TV:

“I have spoken with his family members, who sided with me. However, he fell out with them, but later reconciled and they all ganged up against me; saying I left my husband in April, 2016 and went to Nairobi.

“I went to Syokimau to save myself from being beaten to death. He later reported at the children’s rights authorities that I am insane, and that I am planning to kill the children.”

She further lamented that he made his son who has completed secondary education to share a room with their daughter who is in Form One. She tried to make him see why adults of different sexes should have different room, but he called her “an illiterate woman who only think of sex”.  She also said her husband has accused her of sleeping with two of his workmates.

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According to her, the said husband – a senior Kenya Power employee – had nothing some years back. She said he was a clerk and Kandie was doing a better job. She revealed that the man swindled her and stripped her of all the money she had, so much that she had to get bank loans to support him.

She went on:

“Now that I am unemployed and penniless he doesn’t think I am fit enough to be his wife. He’s been beating me senseless. I lost one of my teeth as result of his constant battery.”

According to Kandie she resorted to destroying her husband’s Land Rover Defender because she’d gone to ask him for money at the mpango wa kando’s house – but he became violent towards her.

Police from Migori post arrived at the scene and took the three of them to the police station.

Watch What She Did To The Man Car (Video Source: Citizen TV)