Locals Gather To Honor Girl Repeatedly Raped By Dad

Joyce Wambui Mungai, A 14 year old girl who died in a hospital where she was receiving treatment for two years after her father raped her repeatedly in Nyeri county, has just been buried.

Joyce Wambui Mungai died this year, in the hospital where she had been receiving treatment for 2 years since the rape episodes. Locals streamed out from all corners of the area to pay their last respect to the little girl who was in class six before her predicament.

The rogue man was said to have defiled Joyce Wambui and her sister several times until the matter was officially reported. Following reports and court charges, the rapist was given a life sentence.


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Over years, reports of sexual abuse on children involving close relatives seem to have turned normal and have heightened significantly in Nyeri County.

In 2014, it was reported that a 3-year-old Girl from Nyeri County was raped for five hours by her two uncles after her mother divorced her father.


It was also reported around the same time, that a 55-year-old man tried to infect his two daughters aged nine and 14 with HIV virus. The man was said to have done it right in the presence of his wife who was down in bed, dying from the deadly disease. It was reported that the sick woman was complaining but was too weak to stop him from carrying out the deplorable act.

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The father was said to have told the girls he wanted them to contract the HIV virus so that they would all die as a family. The Nyeri court sent the man to 50 years imprisonment.

It was also alleged that the said father also tried infecting one of the girl’s aunts with the virus. Reports have it that one of his sisters-in-law came visiting once and he tried to inject the virus into her as well. Nyeri Resident Magistrate John Aringo presided over the case last year.

The nine-year-old girl, tears welling up in her eyes said:

“I arrived home from school and found dad in the sitting room. Mum was sleeping in the bedroom. I did not know that my own father would do what he did to me. He stripped me and dragged me to the sofa and forced me to do tabia mbaya (bad things) with him,”.

The 14-year-old sister also told the magistrate that:

“He told me he wanted to infect me with the virus so that I would die just like his two former wives and my mum who was on her deathbed.”

The father sent a text message to the grandmother of the two girls after the ugly act, asking her to get ARV drugs for her grandchildren because he had raped them. Their grandmother said the girls were not responsive when she tried asking them if what their father had alleged was true.

Fortunately, the kids didn’t get infected as they tested negative to the virus at the time they were rescued by their grandmother, who reported the case to the police in time.