Be The Judge: Is Mugabe Snoozing, Musing Or Nodding In This Video?

A video was rolled out on the internet and it shows Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe appearing to nap during a recent press conference with Japanese premier Shinzo Abe.

But if you think the government would accept that its head was snoozing, then you might be joking. There’s no way anyone could possibly expect that any administration would agree to the allegation that its leader dozed off while a highly spirited public event as such was ongoing – even if it very glaring.

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That is probably why Information Minister Christopher Mushowe rejected the video saying

“President [was] nodding his head attentively in response to the message that was being issued by the Japanese Prime Minister.”

Or maybe the information wanted to pat the incumbent president on the back in a display of royalty.

Voice of America report quoted the Minister as saying:

“The “malicious video story”, and pictures of the incident, which have been circulating on social media have been dismissed as propaganda to discredit Mugabe. Mainstream media houses and journalists have been warned against reproducing, “This type of gutter journalism resides on the social media platforms.”

The information minister also cautioned mainstream media against reproducing the video which has already stirred up different emotions.

Another big name in the country, Prof Jonathan Moyo, who is the Minister of Higher Education wrote on Twitter that Mugabe was in “a natural contemplative disposition!”

Social media has been flooded with too many funny remarks about the incident, with users suggesting the president needs so much rest that he should retire. A user suggests he should get darker glasses to sleep comfortably without being stalked while hiding behind them.

Another defined the act as sleepwalking tactics as he stood while appearing sleepy. The other said he wanted to outsmart the whole nation combining sleep with profuse nods of acknowledgement.

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Though he keeps claiming he is fit enough to handle his country’s leadership, this is not the first indiscretion by the president who thinks highly of himself, and who has said he will rule the country until God says ‘come.’

In recent months, the president has committed several gaffes including reading the wrong speech to the end in September without realizing it, while officially opening the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament.

Following the wrong speech was  a video of Mugabe stumbling and struggling to climb onto a one-step stage in New Delhi.

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Again was a big fall by the president. This was the incident which birthed the infamous “Mugabe fall” making rounds on social media as the 92 year-old dramatically fell on the red carpet at the Harare International Airport in January on arrival from the African Union (AU) summit.

Zimbabwe’s comedians have chosen satire to look into the event of falling asleep when serious business is being announced. Critics have accused the president of lacking the humility to see the views of others, calling for him to recognize that he is now old for the seat and step down for younger people to take over.

Watch The Video Below And Let Us Know If YOu Think The Zibabwean’s President Was Snoozing Or Was Nodding Attentively 


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