Julie Gichuru

Former Citizen TV News anchor Julie Gichuru has come under fire after releasing a video of herself preaching against violence in the forthcoming polls.

Julie simply captioned the post;

“Don’t let pseudo intellectuals lie that one can seek justice via violence. Conflict is the mother of injustice & she breeds a multitude.”

Many Kenyans perceived she was directing the 1-minute video at economist and Nation columnist David Ndii who, early this week took to his Twitter account to announce that Kenya would burn if Uhuru wins.

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David Ndii’s post quickly generated criticising comments from Kenyan leaders and ordinary netizens.

However, while Gichuru’s post seemed harmless, many Kenyans seemed to disagree with her point of view. Her video immediately went viral with lots of retweets and replies.

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Here are some replies to Gichuru’s Tweet

Despite the negative comments, Julie Gichuru went on to post a series of Tweets explaining herself further while maintaining her stand.

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While many continued to criticize her remarks, Julie Gichuru also had some people on her side;

Julie Gichuru has previously been slammed for being a biased media personality. A couple of weeks back she posted a photo of herself with Uhuru at a fundraiser for the incumbent president’s re-election.