10 Lesser Known Facts About Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru is undoubtedly not only the most successful female TV presenter in Kenya but also doubles up as one of the most influential female personalities in the country. Julie Gichuru has earned great respect as an acclaimed journalist and brand ambassador for many charitable organizations in Kenya and Africa at large. She started  her career in 2001 at Capital FM but later moved on to NTV and Citizen TV: the station she is currently at. Very little is known about Julie Gichuru and there is a public misconception about many aspects pertaining to her life. Well, the following overview of 10 lesser known facts about Julie Gichuru will help shed more light on this.

 10 Lesser Known Facts About Julie Gichuru

She is a criminal lawyer

Yes, Julie Gichuru is actually a professional criminal lawyer. In her early years, Julie Gichuru initially wanted to be an actress and had even enrolled for acting classes at the Phoenix Theater in Nairobi. However, the film and movie industry in Kenya at that particular period was at its teething stages and had meager income. After being advised by the ten director of Phoenix theatres James Falkland, Julie Gichuru opted out of theatre and decided to study law.

She studied law at the Cardiff Law School University in Britain after which she did an MBA at Cardiff business school. After coming back to Kenya, she did a voice test at Capital FM and was immediately recruited. She opted out of  law and has never practiced as a lawyer

TEDx Nairobi 2010: Julie Gichuru

Her father is an Indian from Kashmir

Most people believe that Julie Gichuru is part Caucasian from the UK due to her immensely light complexion. Julie Gichuru is of mixed origin with her father being an Indian and mother a Kikuyu from the Kiambu region. Her father’s family is originally from Kashmir and migrated to Kenya in the early 1900s to work on the railway line being built by the British.

Her parents struggled to put her through college

Julie Gichuru

Contrary to popular belief, Julie Gichuru does not come from a wealthy family. Her father worked in the military and had some businesses on the side. Going for her college education put a financial strain on the family and her father had to struggle to see her through college.

She worked in a food factory in the UK

During her university years, Julie Gichuru worked at a food factory in the UK so as to assist her father in raising her school fees. She initially worked in a food line where her main duties were to identify and remove soiled products from the food chain.

She is married to a pilot

Anthony Gichuru, Julie Gichuru’s husband is a practicing pilot. Anthony comes from a wealthy family and his family is amongst one of the richest families in Kenya. Little is known about Anthony as Julie Gichuru usually goes out of her way to shield her family from the public limelight

Julie Gichuru. and husband

 She has 4 kids

Julie Gichuru remarkably has four kids. This is surprising in itself since most modern family models in Kenya recommended a maximum of 3 kids and the way things are looking, she’s not about to stop soon.

Julie Gichuru and family

 One of her kids died

This is perhaps one of the most unknown fact about Julie Gichuru. Julie lost one of her kids in 2005. Though this event is not widely known due to the fact that she was generally unknown at that particular time, it has continued to traumatize her to date. According to a recent interview carried out by Drum, Julie says it was the lowest point in her life and to date, she still writes the poem for her late son so as to keep the memories fresh.

She was in heavy debt for 3 years

Following a failed attempt to establish a fashion magazine, Julie Gichuru found herself in heavy debt for up to 3 years. During this period, she had to repay a hefty loan she had taken to start off the business

 She’s a savvy businesswoman

Julie Gichuru has interests in the film production industry and owns a production house known as Arimus as well as an online fashion house known as MIMI

Julie Gichuru 3

She loves cartoons

Julie Gichuru loves watching cartoons and one of her favorite times is when watching cartoons with her kids. We hope the above facts about Julie Gichuru will help you understand more about the life of Julie Gichuru