Bloody violence in Naivasha

The land dispute turns Bloody Violence in Naivasha and has left more than 20 injured after the Christmas Celebration…

Violence struck out in the Naivasha County on Monday, December 26, 2016. The deadly violence was sais to break out after the Christmas celebration on Sunday and have injured more than 20 people.

About 20 people are reported injured when residents of two constituencies clashed on Monday, December 26

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About 20 people were injured when residents of Naivasha and Kinangop constituencies clashed over a boundary on Monday.

A man was slashed several times during the fight between residents of Matundura and Gituro villages.

Witness Amos Kimani said a parcel of land on the boundary was the main source of conflict as a farmer had started tilling it.

Kimani said another farmer moved to stop the activities but that this led to a harsh exchange that attracted other villagers.

“This is no-man’s-land but some people are laying claim to it. One man was slashed using a panga and seriously injured,” he said.

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Kimani said the victim identified as Joseph Njoroge was rushed to Naivasha sub-county hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.

A senior police officer from Kinangop, who declined to be named, confirmed the impasse but was quick to add that the situation had been contained.

Naivasha County has been a place on the spotlight known for various crisis and instability. This year a lot of bloody violence in Naivasha County have kept the residents in fear, starting from an Initial land dispute that started small in this county but gradually turned into a big fight as heads is now rolling because of the land dispute.

Many disputes have erupted this year in this county and many have lost their houses, some others lost their lives and some others have been given serious injuries that have led to disability.

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