KTN’s Mohammed Ali Claps Back At Caroline Mutoko

KTN‘s investigative journalist Mohammed Ali recently railed back at former KISS 100 show host Caroline Mutoko for slamming him way back in May 2016 over his exposé on the last girl who was with Jacob Juma.

He did this while releasing Kaburi la Wazi part II on Monday night.

Mr Ali aired his latest investigative piece Kaburi la Wazi part II, about the controversial killing of businessman Jacob Juma. Hours before the show was aired,  he called out to the journalist – Ms Mutoko – satirically to watch the ‘well-researched account’.

Ali said:

“Dear Caroline Mutoko plz watch kaburi la wazi part 2. Investigative journalism is not parroting. Tunaelewa feelings zako!”

In response, bold Mutoko did not pay much attention to Ali’s remarks and stated tartly:

“Moha Jicho Pevu awww. Not trending are we? Looking for attention by trolling Cute. There, there now… be good”.

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In May, Ali aired a broadcast Kaburi la Wazi part I, the audio convo between the girl that was last seen with Jacob Juma and the driver. In the audio, she explained her movement with the slain billionaire.

Caroline Mutoko took issues with investigative journalist Mohammed Ali after his exposé, on the killing of the slain businessman Jacob Juma.

According to Caroline, she sent out the flat-shaming comments against Ali, stating that his actions are far below what is expected of him, because she understood how it is when a woman is associated with a sexual scandal.

Mutoko defined his piece as a “shoddy job”, adding that it was the most disappointing job Ali had ever done.

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Above all, Mutoko lashed out on Ali for revealing the face of a girl identified as Cheryl Kitonga, who met with Juma on the night of his death.

“I do not think I have ever been more disappointed with Moha or even KTN,” Mutoko said.

She questioned Ali’s reason for exposing her identity alone, when all other suspects mentioned in the investigative piece had their faces either blurred or hidden from the camera.

Mutoko said:

“Moha shame on you. That was unwarranted. That young girl did not deserve to become the item on that exposé you did.”

In Kaburi la Wazi part II, touching on the murder of Juma, Ali revealed that police killed a four-man gang to cover up the murder of the controversial businessman.

The investigative piece also shows that the killing of the four on May 23 along Uhuru Highway was a scheme to protect the real killers.