Kakamega Man Murdered In Cold Blood By His Son Over Ugali

As insane as it may sound, a court heard yesterday that a man murdered his biological father over a plate of ugali, rightfully belonging to him, which his father had eaten before the arrival of the young man.

The accused’s mother, who identified herself as Christine Lumbukhu and the biological mother of Vincent Makhalasia (the accused) said her son massacred her husbdand, Atanas Matayos, on July 12, 2013 in Mundulu village.

She made this statement against her son who is facing charges for the killing of his father while testifying in the High Court in Kakamega.

Based on what Lumbukhu said, the accused had returned from a funeral which he had attended the previous night. Upon arrival from the market the next morning she met her son raining punches on her husband.

She noted that the problem started the moment her son Makhalasia realized that his father had downed the Ugali she had prepared for him the night he was away, thinking he would be back to eat it.

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Out of anger, her son demanded that his father should spell the reasons he had to guzzle his meal without having any consideration for what he would eat when he returns.

Before he could cough out enough words of explanation, the accused grabbed a stick and struck his father a good number of times, targeting the key parts that would inflict the most pain. She mentioned the key parts to include the man’s legs, head, and hands, which killed the man on the spot.

Makhalasia’s lawyer queried the mother of the accused, during cross-examination, asking if she saw her husband die with her bare eyes.

She answered in the affirmative, narrating that she had walked back from the market to buy sugar to find out that her son was aiming strokes of cane at her husband.

She added that the accused walked away immediately he sighted her. But by that time her husband was already enunciating in pains, and was bleeding from almost all the parts of his body, including his head.

She, in her own words, pulled him up to the bed to relax a bit and during the process her husband stated why he was being brutally whipped

Julius Angote, who also testified against Makhalasia, and who is also the accused’s younger brother, told the court that he went to do some menial jobs when he received the sad news about their father.

According to the accused younger brother:

“I received the news that my brother had brutally assaulted our father. When I got back from my work in the evening,  I found my father still breathing but in poor health. He told me he had been beaten by Makhalasia. He had a swollen head and complained of pain, then he died.”

After hearing the two sides’ court proceedings in native Isukha, a Luhya dialect, which was interpreted in English as they did not understand either Kiswahili or English, Judge Chacha Mwita adjourned the case to June 27.

This was after state counsel Patrick Oroni assured to produce three more prosecution witnesses against the accused before the case comes to a close.