The Kalenjin Brown Leather Jacket Affair – Kenya Reacts Online

The latest distraction over Kenya’s internet space in the last few days is the Kalenjin brown leather jacket.

Kalenjin’s on twitter have been making fun of themselves regarding their use of the jacket. They have gone as far as starting the Kalenjin jacket challenge.

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Kalenjin jacket was a trending topic for a while on twitter even getting to the number 1 spot.

It’s no news that the Kelenjins are seasoned long distant runners. In the recently held Rio 2016 Olympic games, they distinguished themselves by running most of the distant challenges.

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They however have embraced this new challenge and have gone as far as calling it their national identity. A twitter user said ”you will know you are in Eldoret once you see men wearing brown jackets.”

The jackets can fit into any outfit and has the golden color which matches the gold medal they are so fund of winning.

It can be argued that the jacket is highly favorable for cold areas in the rift valley especially in Kericho, Nyaru, Mount Elgon and Nandi hills. But in areas like Kabarnet that is very hot, you will still find the jacket being worn under the sun.

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This will leave you wondering what the attraction to the jacket is really all about.

Just as a Kikuyu will have owned a Probox, it is said that the people from the rift valley must also own a brown leather jacket regardless of social status.

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Deputy President William Ruto, Cherengany MP Wesley Korir and long distance runner Wilson Kipsang have all been spotted wearing the clothing item.