Kalonzo: Jubilee Has Achieved Nothing But Corruption, Stealing And State Intimidation

Kalonzo Musyoka, in a bit to prod, spoke against Jubilee, accusing the party of making just a few indisputable and substantial “achievements” which he says include corruption, increased tribalism and intimidation by the state.

He said that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration, which recently was praised for some key achievements, so far has done nothing but misrule the country, leading her to the abyss.

He added that the president was voted into the seat out of Kenyans’ goodwill and not because he was competent for the challenges ahead.

Describing the president as inexperienced and unskilful, the Wiper leader said:

“Jubilee has no clue what governance is all about,”

Speaking on Thursday, while presiding over the launch of BF Suma pharmaceutical products in Kenya at the KICC, Kalonzo cited an instance why he insists Jubilee administration is clueless and can’t be allowed to go further with governance, questioning:

“For instance how can you stop a vision 2030 project like the KAA Greenfield Terminal and add the after-thought of a railway to Naivasha?”

This was after KAA allegedly terminated the echo-making Sh56 billion Greenfield Terminal project at the JKIA, blackening Kenya’s dream of owning the largest terminal in the continent.

The decision on the project, which was supposed to be completed next year, was based on prevailing operational, economic and financial dynamics which have been on a downward trend over the last three years, the authority said on Tuesday.

Kalonzo further noted that the administration is frustrating not just to politicians but also to all citizens, as it has rather escalated corruption and tribalism, bringing them to their climax.

Kalonzo advised Uhuru not to attend the State of the Nation address taking place today because it will be “another public relations exercise,” given that his administration has achieved absolutely nothing.

He noted that the President has not acted since he, in a national address, presented names of officials suspected to have engaged in corruption, saying he only called the list to pat and distract Kenyans.

Quoting Kalonzo:

“Kenyans are tired of being taken round in circles over the “ghost of corruption” while no conclusion is reached.”

The Wiper leader further accused Jubilee of coining a new strategy to ethnically profile officials in the Opposition.

Speaking on suspended National Executive Committee officers, Kalonzo claimed most of those suspended are church elders whose only wrongdoing was being appointed by the former Education minister, the late Mutula Kilonzo.

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He then jumped into the dismissed CORD’s referendum that has now crumbled after it reportedly failed to meet the number of required valid signatures which was placed at 1 million, saying IEBC claims that only 891,598 were found to be valid, were blatant lies.

Kalonzo said the electoral commission, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission is no longer working in isolation or independently but is now a full ally of the Jubilee’s.

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He added that the commission follows solely the instructions of the ruling party, insisting that on that, the commission cannot conduct the 2017 general election.

According to him:

“The IEBC must go. Can you explain on what bases Duale announced that our signatures did not meet the threshold? It is simple, the IEBC is Jubilee and vice versa.”

The Wiper leader disclosed further that some projects, which Jubilee is currently being praised for initiating and constructing, were the ideas of the opposition party but lashed at the amount allocated to each of the projects.