I Will Support Raila Once More For This Reasons – Kalonzo

Kalonzo Musyoka has revealed that he will not oppose or rebel against Raila Odinga if he is picked as the CORD’s flag bearer in what would become his second presidential bid.

In a statement on Sunday, the cord co-principal said:

“Even when my prayer is that brother Raila and [Moses] Wetang’ula will see it fit to support me, I want to assure you here that I will support Raila”.

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The Wiper leader, Kalonzo, who recently launched his own campaign website, said he would not decamp from cord if Raila is named the COD’s flag bearer. He vowed to accept defeat and vote for the principal.

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He described Raila as “a man of such a big heart” having shown determination despite two “stolen” elections. “We want the Jubilee administration to copy such tolerance ,” Kalonzo said.

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The Cord co-principal made the statement at Senator Johnstone Muthama’s homecoming peace rally.

There have been many controversies surrounding who will become CORD’s flag bearer in 2017. Speculations opine that the party will probably fall as the three cord co-principals are all interested in becoming CORD’s flag bearer.

Kalonzo supporters had earlier told Raila Odinga to act according to a memorandum of understanding which they signed in the last election. But with this latest revelation, all speculations have to a very wide degree been laid to rest.

CORD's Flag Bearer

Also, in response to the statement by DP William who said he needs prayer, Kalonzo said Ruto needed prayers more than anybody else. He said the DP has no right whatsoever to name who needs prayers as he obviously needs prayer more than CORD leaders in general.

Insisting protest is the key to the promise land, Kalonzo said he will not stop engaging in demos because that’s the only way to “liberate” the country “from the chains of bad governance”.

DP William Ruto called on the public to take a moment to pray for CORD co-leader Kalonzo Musyoka after IEBC protest calling for the disbandment of the commission.

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He mocked Kalonzo for joining Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula in the protest and for sitting on the road during the protest.

He said:

“Ndugu yetu Kalonzo mmuombee. Kwa sababu mara ya mwisho nilikuta yeye ameketi kwa lami Nairobi. Ameambiwa na mwingine tuendeni tuketi kwa lami. Yule Kalonzo ambaye alikuwa vice president siku hizi anaketi kwa lami (Pray for our brother Kalonzo because the last time I found him seated on the tarmac in Nairobi. He had been instructed by another person to sit on the tarmac. The same Kalonzo who was the vice president seated on a tarmac in Nairobi).”