Kampala Tops Nairobi As Best City In East Africa, Survey Says

Quality of Life Survey, which surveys 230 cities all around the world, has published its 2016 list and it shows that Kampala has become the best East African capital city to live in.

The latest list by Quality of Life Survey, which compared 230 top cities in the world, was conducted by Mercer. The list places Uganda’s Kampala 169th, ranking higher than Nairobi which positions in 184th.

Following in third is Kigali (the capital and largest city of Rwanda) which ranks 191 th and Dar es Salaam (a major city and commercial port on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast) taking 198th position.

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Top hundred cities are cities mostly in Europe, North America and East Asia. However only two African cities, made it to top 100 and they include Cape Town (92) and Johannesburg (95).

According to Mercer, Vienna is the the world’s best city to live in while Baghdad the worst. Vienna is the capital of Austria known for its artistic and intellectual legacy shaped by residents including Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud.

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The city is also famous for its Imperial palaces, including Schönbrunn, the Habsburgs’ summer residence.

Baghdad is the capital of the Republic of Iraq, the largest city in Iraq as well as the second largest city in Arab with its massive population.

The survey checks social and economic conditions, terrorism threats, health, education, housing and the environment in making its judgment.

Mercer’s 18th annual Quality of Living survey names European cities as those that offer the worlds’ highest quality-of-living against all odds mentioned above.

World’s successful companies use the list to assess where they should locate and how much they should pay staff.

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