Kanini Kega

Kieni MP Kanini Kega is fighting back against the salaries and remuneration commission’s lawmakers’ pay reduction plan.

This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta put his weight behind the SRC and called for all MPs to back the new wage structure, adding that it will go a long way in guiding and ensuring prudent in the way the country manages public funds.

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Kanini Kega is furious with the commission’s decision to remove the MPs mileage allowances and is requesting compensation in the form of government vehicles. He said the vehicles should be provided for lawmakers as an alternative as it does to other State officers.

“The move will reduce the wage bill and we welcome it, but they forgot to offer transport alternatives. The zoning capped by levels of kilometers will do good and save more money,” said the MP.

“Other State officers, like Cabinet secretaries, principal secretaries, parastatal bosses and others, have GK vehicles with personal drivers. MPs’ transport should also be catered for by giving them vehicles to ease their movement.”

Kega, who is seeking to serve a second term on a Jubilee Party ticket, however, called for the idea which is aimed at reducing the burden on taxpayers to be respected and supported.

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He cautioned the incoming 12th Parliament not to amend the SRC proposal on salaries, saying some aspirants are seeking elective seats because they expect high incomes.

“Some positions have attracted 30 candidates because of the salaries, allowances and other good things that accompany the seats and not because they want to serve the people,” he decried.

Under the new SRC salary structure, the government is expected to save more than KSh8 billion annually on the funds slashed from State officers.

The current annual wage bill stands at KSh627 billion and takes close to 50 percent of government revenue.