Heroes Rescue One-Year-Old Child From Brutal Kanjo Beatings

Two men were badly wounded in their bid to rescue a woman and her one-year-old son from the hands of Kanjo Askaris.

According to report from a Facebook post shared widely, two young men known as Dennis Kiarie and John Tutan Kioli were injured after being given a dog’s beating by city council askaris while trying to rescue the infant as his mother receives beating from City Hall officials in the Nairobi CBD streets.

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Though the woman’s offence was not made known, it was reported that the men were in turn clobbered by the Kanjo Askaris for interfering in their operations.

“Nairobi City Council goons attacked my friend and I for shielding a woman and her roughly one-year-old from clobbering. Poor child got hit with a mop stick till it broke,” the Facebook post read. 

“I bet she broke something. Even more disgusting is all the men just watching as this happened. John Tutan Kioli, you are a real man.”

Prior to Kioli’s intervention, the reporter said that a number of men around the vicinity  were just busy watching as the hall officials attack the woman.

Two kanjos

In the recent past, numerous accusations were lodged against the City Council officials for their tactics in dealing with the hawkers in the CBD.

The Kanjos are often times seen brazenly breaking the laws that they are supposed to be protecting.  They even commit such crimes as collecting bribes and extorting money from the business people, physically beating up hawkers who are not fortunate enough to have the money to bribe them.

In most cases, most of the hawkers who were not able to escape from their beating end up dead. The one-year old would have also died left for the quick intervention of Dennis Kiarie and John Tutan Kioli.

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The two were lauded for their stance against the Kanjos who are known for their brutality and corruption when it came to dealing with residents, especially hawkers in the central business district.