Full List of Pastors Who Rob People In The Name Of God As Released By Pastor Kanyari

With the situation of things in churches today, we must admit that simply knowing the contents of the Bible and quoting them at the earliest convenience, does not make anyone absolutely reliable, trustworthy or even heaven bound. Many pastors remain hopelessly out of touch with the challenges of their congregations, proclaiming the Scriptures with a pompous accuracy that touches everyone, in a quest to extort them. The journalists (KTN’s Inside Story) Mohamed Ali and John Allan inquired intensively into and exposed the malpractice, and other controversial issues concerning clergymen who are taking advantage of their flock to enrich themselves in Kenya.

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The expose, nicknamed “Makri ya Injili” in Swahili and “Prayer Predators” in English, showed clearly the complete deceptive methods that Salvation Healing Ministries pastor, Victor Kanyari uses to lure and exploit his over-trusting flock. The two journalists revealed  Kanyari’s expert means of exploiting his flock for the past 15 years using the name of God. The illusion was made strong by fake testimonies given by paid members who would joyfully shout that just weeks earlier, AIDS had nearly reduced them to nothing, but that Brother Kanyari and the kindness of a mercies God had restored them to perfect health. Below are the names of his fellow con pastors who exploit their flock using the name of God, just as Kanyari has been doing for so long. We pray God forgives them for misleading his people

Con Pastors Who Exploit People in the Name of God

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