Following up on the story we posted earlier on why Kanye West deleted Donald J. Trumps tweets, it turns out that it has nothing to do with rapper King Myers who claimed to have been part of Good Music and released a Kanye produced song titled Propaganda.

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Though Kanye hasn’t publicly detached himself from the Propaganda track which he allegedly produced, rapper Pusha T (an artist under Good Music) has gone to social media to distance himself from the fraudster King Myers who earlier tweeted at him.


King Push simply tweeted at King Myers telling him to stop it, in regards to the fact that he doesn’t know him. Though the news is already out and King Myers has publicly apologized for his cunning approach to get his voice heard, there are reports that Kanye’s legal team are following up on the case.


Was It Worth It?

What are your thoughts? Do you think this kind of behavior should be tolerated? There are reports that this is not the first time King Myers has traveled along this cunning part falsely tagging other well-known artists claiming they were part of his track when they clearly were not.

Last month, a single titled Puerto Rico was released on Sound Cloud by the same artist, claiming to have been produced by DJ Mustard. King Myers actually went the extra step of including DJ Mustard’s trademark ”Mustard on the beat, h*@” intro on the track. DJ Mustard’s team revealed there was nothing of such produced by the DJ.

Though the music world isn’t easy to crack, it is important to be cautious about the way your brand is represented to the public and though King Myers may have succeeded in getting some hype around his name, I highly doubt he would go very far if he keeps going along false collaborations.