Smart Drug

A KCSE candidate was rushed to the hospital after overdosing on a smart drug in a bid to boost exam performance.

The student registered at Kiranga Boys Secondary School in Murang’a County, took the smart drug which is usually prescribed for mental patients.

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He swallowed four 5mg tablets of Heridol, a brand of Haloperidol, on Saturday in the hope of revising better and against the mathematics paper on Monday.

In a desperate desire to not fail the exams, the schoolboy along with three of his friends who took lower doses said they got the smart drug from a friend in Githurai, Nairobi.

Speaking to Daily Nation, the student said his Githurai friend told them the drugs would boost their capacity. It would help them study better and take in more information as they prepared for the next week’s examination.

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”I immediately became dizzy and went to the dormitory to sleep; I did not even attend church service on Sunday,” the student said. ”My neck and back muscles were stiff; I could hardly do anything.”

The deputy principal of the school, Jonathan Kibe, said when the students attended prep on Sunday, the teacher on duty noticed their backs arched in a strange way with neck muscles abnormally stiff.

”We first thought he was high on some illegal drugs and immediately rounded up his friends who also had similar symptoms,” said Mr Kibe.

They were rushed to Kandara Health Centre where the boy’s friends were treated and discharged. The boy was, however, referred to Thika Level Five Hospital.

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”It was at the hospital that he confessed to having taken four tablets of the drug with the hope of boosting his capacity to revise more material for the mathematics paper,” said Mr Kibe.

”Their intention was to enhance their brain capacity in order to pass the KCSE examination.”

The deputy principal added that the school would not punish the students but will recommend them to be taken for counselling.