KDF Base In Somalia Relocated; Soldiers To Lose Ksh 17,000 In Pay Cut.

The KDF base in Somalia has been relocated, amid the cut in the monthly allowances of the AMISOM soldiers by the European Union, a change expected by several observers to affect the morale of the force in the fight against the Al Shabaab militants.

The KDF has relocated its Al Adde military base from ground Zero of the attack to a new base, but is yet to redeploy soldiers there.

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AMISOM force acting commander, Major-General Nakibus Lakara, indicated earlier that AMISOM troops were reviewing details of the attack to watch out for the enemy’s tactics before laying fresh strategies for embarking on a major strike back at the Al Shabaab.

In His words,

AMISOM is not a peace keeping mission. AMISOM is a war fighting mission, so from deployment, you know you’ve come to fight. And in a fight, of course, there are casualties. But what is important for AMISOM is to ensure that those casualties are to the minimum.

KDF has also commenced on an exercise to track down soldiers who have been missing since the attack at the KDF camp in Somali. According to reports, the Department of Defence is yet to receive any demands for a ransom from the Al Shabaab as concerns the missing soldiers the militants were purported to be in keeping as prisoners.

He also added that adding that KDF has completed recovery of all the bodies and that 80% of them have been identified by friends, families and other loved ones. A more frantic search is on to find every other soldier yet to be accounted for.

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The cut in the monthly allowances of the troops, according to reports, is 20%. This may pose as a major roadblock in the war against the Al Shabaab militant group. AMISOM chief, Jose Madeira has said that the cut is most likely going to affect the soldiers in adverse ways.

Hear him:

The pay cut will have adverse effect on morale of the soldiers.

This is a major blow to AMISOM, as it means that each soldier loses Ksh 17,000 in allowance.