China Gives Kenya Defence Forces Multi Million Military Machinery

Kenya Defence Forces on Wednesday received powerful military machinery valued at KSh 455 million from the Chinese government.

The machinery received include 36 vehicles, spare parts, water and fuel bowzers; fire-fighting units with engines and protective regalia; a refrigerated truck and excavators.

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Defence Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo and Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Samson Mwathethe, were on hand to receive the multi-million shilling machinery from Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Liu Xianfa.

CS Raychelle Omamo spoke warmly about China during the ceremony at the Department of Defence headquarters in Nairobi.

She said the handover marked the importance of the relationship between the two nations.

“This handover marks the continued co-operation between the government of Kenya and China and it projects the future prospects in regards to security, stability and prosperity globally.”

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CS Omamo noted that the defence ministry had been purchasing military equipment from China for more than a decade despite the military donations and assistance from countries such as the United States and Britain.

Ambassador Xianfa reiterated China’s position in supporting and cooperating in regional peace and security.

”China and Kenya have maintained close communication and cooperation in the field of anti-terrorism, culture piracy and regional peacekeeping missions, in the form of the youth security council and climate change,” he noted.

The ambassador added that the two countries have worked together extensively on matters of terrorism specifically in Somalia.

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Xianfa said:

“The Republic of China will continue supporting the people of Africa to independently resolve African issues in African ways, for the sake of maintaining peace in the continent.”

Kenya Defence Forces are looking to bulk up their arsenal with the military machinery as the fight against terror groups from Somalia will be intensifying in the coming weeks.