El Adde Attack

A KDF soldier held captive by Al-Shabaab from last year’s El Adde attack is pleading with President Kenyatta for help.

In the video which surfaced on Sunday, the KDF soldier identified himself as David Ngugi. He appeared with a damaged eye and his uniform and pleaded for the government to secure his release as well as that of his colleagues.

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He started by saying he was from Kiambu before making his plea.

“Mimi ni mzaliwa Kiambu county. Nakuja mbele zenu nikiomba usaidizi. Mwaka uliopita tulipigana na al shabaab El Adde na jeshi la Kenya tulilemewa na kuzindiwa nguvu,” Ngugi said.

“swali ni je nani alituleta Somalia? Nani alitutuma Somalia? Ombi langu nikuwa Kenya ijitokeze itusaidie kwa maana sisi hatukujipeleka Somalia…ni serikali ya Kenya ilitutuma.”

Reports last year indicated at least 12 soldiers were captured alive with numerous others injured during the attack. The government, however, remained tight-lipped on the exact number of casualties arising from the attack but later confirmed that the insurgents were holding an unspecified number of soldiers hostage.

Ngugi went on to make his case to First Lady Margeret Kenyatta to talk to the President about their plight.

El Adde Attack

“Wewe ni mama yetu…wewe ndiye mama tunayetegemea. Rais anaweza kuwa na mambo mengi…naomba umkumbushe ya kuwa kuna wanajeshi wameshikwa mateka.”

“Msitusahau. Swali ni je, familia wasipotusaidia, wananchi wakose kutusaidia, wakubwa serikalini wakose kutusaidia,..sisi ni watoto wa nani? Maisha yetu [yataisha].”

This is the second time a video from a man alleged to be captured at the base in El Adde has surfaced. On September 29, 2016, the terror group released a video featuring Leonard Maingi who identified himself as a KDF soldier.

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In the video, Maingi said the soldiers were following the orders of President Kenyatta as commander-in-chief of the Kenyan Defence Forces.

”As soldiers, we obeyed your instructions and crossed into Somalia. We then went ahead to El Adde where we were attacked on January 15. We tried fighting but we were defeated and weapons seized.”

”Mr President, this may be the last chance to plead with you as my commander that I swore to serve and one that I love. Please, I am begging you, Mr President.”

Kenya Defence Forces spokesman Paul Njuguna is yet to comment on the video.

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