KDF Troops Massacre Additional 34 Al-Shabaab Extremists

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) troops have slaughtered 34 Al-Shabaab extremists in separate battles which occurred in Somalia over the weekend, retrieving several deadly weapons from them.

The latest fighting raises the number of militants the Kenyan army says it has killed in the past week to 53 including the last week’s raid by Kenyan army that it killed 19 militants who attacked a military camp in the southern Somali city of Afmadhow.

According to KDF spokesman, Col David Obonyo, they engaged in two separate fights with Al Shabaab and the latest fight which took place on Sunday near Ras Kamboni in southern Somalia, Kenyan soldiers killed another 13 militants.

Col Obonyo said the fight began when KDF soldiers pursued a group that planned an attack.

This was after a tip-off concerning the planned attack reached KDF soldiers who followed the attackers without their knowing it. Obonyo noted that following the heated war between the two, a middle level commander was captured, 13 militants were butchered, deadly weapons including 8 AK 47 rifles, 2 PKM machine guns, 2 RPGs and assorted ammunition were also retrieved.

In the other raid, Col Obonyo hinted that Al-Shabaab set an ambush for the KDF soldiers who were on patrol and were heading to Afmadhow in trucks.

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KDF soldiers overpowered the militants and also won back 19 AK47 rifles, three rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and a pistol. But it didn’t happen without a loss, as two KDF personnel were also murdered in the battle, while about five other KDF personnel were wounded and transported by air for medical attention.

The militants scrabbling to achieve their aim, opted for the use of improvised explosive devices (IED) which landed on KDF lorry, killing two soldiers, injuring some as well as destroying one of the KDF vehicles.

However, Al-Shabab, according to SITE Intelligence Group which monitors Jihadi groups, says it massacred a dozen of Kenyan soldiers and captured two of them in the attack, but they have made exaggerated claims in the past.

Reports say the militants had plotted another raid on a camp wherein the Amisom and Somali National Army troops in Afmadhow, Lower Juba Region live in.

The Al-Shabaab terrorists had approached the camp at night with the plan of killing and ending the SNA ties with the Amisom (KDF) camp. KDF soldiers saw the militants and fended them off in a severe gun battle. Officials noted that Al-Shabaab tried to retaliate, but were swept off by the KDF soldiers on patrol and those at the camp.

Al-Shabaab has seen constant attack since it raided KDF base in Somalia, killing unknown number of soldiers. Days after it was alleged that an airstrike blew up those ready to pass out from camp to carry out major attacks, commandos took the group unaware.

President Uhuru has vowed that the Kenyan military is going to remain unbowed until the killing of the last Al-Shabaab member. Al-Shabab also killed up to 200 Kenyan soldiers in a January attack, according to Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.