Kecheyat Pupil Shows Support For Jubilee On His Exam Script (Photos)

A 7-year-old Kecheyat Pupil has garnered attention after he wrote “Jubilee 2017” on his Mathematics examination sheet.

The boy was specific about his support writing “Wilia Rooto” that is referring to Jubilee Deputy President  (DP) William Ruto.

Spelling may not be his strong point but the boy surely loves calculations judging from the 100 percent score he got on the maths exam sheet.

He wrote Ruto’s name in the space meant for Date and Jubilee 2017 in the space meant for his School name.

He, however, wrote his name “Roy Kiplangat” in the name section of his script.

Kecheyat Pupil

Roy Kiplangat is a pre-unit pupil at the Kecheyat Academy in Nakuru. According to his teacher Agnes Koech, the young Jubilee supporter came second overall in his class last academic year.

When asked why he made the move, the starlet said that William Ruto was his role model. According to his head teacher Ann Cheruyiot, The DP visited the school in April when he left the pupils with a Sh50,000 gift.

Confirming the boy’s love for Ruto was his father, a shopkeeper named Tole who said that his son would complain anytime he didn’t see Ruto on the news.

“He is always happy when he sees Ruto talk on the television.” the boy’s dad said.

He added; “I have learnt from his teachers that he is a good singer and storyteller in school, but he talks less at home.”

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Kecheyat Pupil
Roy Kiplangat

His teacher Ms Koech said; “This boy is extraordinary in everything. He is confident, talkative and bright in class work.” Concurring on her remark was the head teacher Ms Cheruyiot who said; “I can attest that the boy is unique in everything he does.”

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This would be the second time in the week that a minor has been linked with the ongoing election fever. On Monday 12th June, a video of a baby getting excited when her mum said Jubilee and sad when she said NASA went viral online sparking divided comments from Kenyans.

Here is the video if you missed it