Kenya Under Attack – Everything You Must Know About the Latest Bomb Blast

Of late, Kenya has consistently featured in the news for bad reasons. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), bombs, and grenades are being thrown around quite often. This has not only led to loss of  lives but damages to properties as well. Unlike the previous incidences, the latest attacks in Nairobi, the capital city and Mombasa, the key port city seemed to have shaken to the core. This is evident from the following:

 1. Door to Door Checks

The latest attacks have really been a litmus-test for the Kenyan Police. More often than not, they are blamed for lacking the skills or acting when it’s too late. Following the attacks, the police together with paramilitary have been carrying out-door to door checks. This is to flush out any immigrant or suspected terrorist.

 2. Dark Windows and Tint Ban

In a recent interview, the Inspector General of  police had reasons to believe that the perpetrator’s of the crimes were being ferried using vehicles bearing dark tinted windows. Furthermore, he also stated that ambulances were also aiding the criminals. Therefore, tinted windows have been banned in the country.

 3. The Western World Reacts

For a long time, the Western countries have always supported Kenya’s cause of fighting terrorism. Nonetheless, they always issue travel advisories to their citizens living or touring the country. This time round they decided to act. Countries led by the US, and UK decided to airlift their citizens from Kenya. Australia and France also followed suit.

 4. Split Opposition

The recent attacks have created cracks in the opposition. Normally, the party speaks with one voice. Unfortunately, this time round, they are reading malice from some of their members. This is being  fuelled by some members campaigning for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to pull-out of Somalia while some are urging them to continue with the fight against terrorism.

 5. Politically Instigated

Usually, the ruling party and the opposition always come together to condemn the attacks. This is to stand in solidarity with the victims. However, this time round, the government as well as the opposition is blaming each other for the attacks. The government side claims that the opposition is behind the attacks and not terrorists. They are doing so to destabilize the “UhuRuto” government.

Kenya Under Attack

Kenya Under Attack – All You Must Know About the Latest Bombings in Kenya

6. No Claim for the Blast

After a bomb explosion, grenade attack or any other blast, a group usually comes out to claim responsibility. Some of the previous culprits include the Al Shabaab, and Al Qaeda. Although a few weeks have elapsed since the Nairobi and Mombasa blasts, no group or person has claimed responsibility. This has left Kenyans only guessing who probably did it.

 7. East and West War

Kenya has always enjoyed good political, social and economic relationship with the West. Actually, countries such as the US, UK, and the EU are Kenya’s biggest trade partners. Recently, Kenya has been looking to the East particularly China. Considering the blast took place after the Chinese Premier had visited Kenya, relationship with the West has become shaky.

 8. Tribalism on the Rife

In 2007, Kenya made headlines following the Post Election Violence. This followed the disputed election that left many people dead, maimed, or misplaced. Many also lost their property. Although the country is slowly recovering, tribalism seemed to have skyrocketed after the two blasts. Two major ethnic groups are using the social media to point accusing fingers at each other.

 9. Hate speech On the Increase

Hate speech is never tolerated in Kenya. In fact, it is a crime to encourage or use hate speech. Sadly, with no one claiming responsibility for the blasts, some Kenyans are finding reasons to believe it is a certain group that is carrying out the attacks. This comes about when the suspects come from a particular tribe.

Terrorism in kenya 1

 10. Clueless Government

It is always sad to state that despite the ever rising cases of bomb blasts and grenade explosions, the people who are supposed to be in charge always appear clueless. The western world, the ordinary citizen, and other groups always seem to have wind of impending attacks. Sadly, the body in charge, NSIS, is always out of the picture.

It is sad that Kenya which at one time was among the most peaceful countries in the region is going through these attacks. The most affected is the ordinary citizen who seems like the unlucky victim. In spite of the assurance from the government, nothing seems to work. All that Kenyans can pray for is lasting peace and harmony in the country.

Kenya Under Attack – Things You Must Know About the Latest Bomb Blast