Miracle Child

The miracle child, who was saved from the collapsed building in Nairobi, has been confirmed to be just seven months old, instead of one-and-a-half years old, as widely thought.

The miracle baby survived beneath the debris for four days and was rescued today unscathed. The death toll in the collapse has risen significantly to 23 while 95 are still missing.

The father of the baby has spoken to the media. Ralson Wasike told journalists that his daughter had been stable after she was rushed to the hospital. He also said he thought he had lost her before she was found.

Ralson revealed that he followed the media’s death toll as well as the rescue figure, adding that he headed straight to the hospitals and mortuaries in search of his child every single time a new announcement was made. He expressed his excitement when he got to the hospital and discovered that his girl was the baby all over the news this morning.

But his joy seems yet incomplete as Mr Wasike is still unable to find his wife. The man spoke at a temporary camp for all the people who had been living in the collapsed building where well-wishers bring food and bedding for survivors.

Miracle Child

The Nairobi building collapse has seen several remarkable stories of survival since the Friday night incident.

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One woman whose one-month old baby girl was also rescued alive under a bundle of clothing, eight hours after the building collapsed narrated the deep joy mothers feel when such stories come up. She shared her happiness, saying she remains thankful.

Miracle Child

The owners of the building are currently facing manslaughter charges and are at the time of this report arraigned in court. Rescuers vowed to clear the debris today, though families of victims, while finding shelter in a temporal shelter at Huruma social hall, await updates on the rescue operations. And they have accused the NDMU of not getting them engaged. According to them, they have depended solely on the media for updates on the new casualty or survivors found.