Kenya Election 2017: 5 Funny But Serious Scenes At Voting Centers

The 2017 Kenya election is one of the most crucial periods that would always remain fresh in the memories of every Kenyan.

Kenyans have so far displayed a high sense of belonging and eagerness for a quick and drastic change in the country’s political system which in a very short while, would determine the fate of the country.

To the world out there the August 8 Kenya election may be regarded s the usual, but for Kenyans, it is a serious matter. A matter of life and death. A matter of securing a better future for the generations yet unborn.

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More than 19 million voters have registered to cast their vote in Tuesday’s election in 40,883 polling stations across the country.

While President Uhuru Kenyatta, 55, battles it out with his strong opponent veteran politician Raila Odinga, Kenyan citizens are busy deciding what their next future will be and in doing so, the country is witnessing a number of mind blowing reactions at the voting centre. They include:

The Early queue shows Kenyans had a sleepless night: The Pooling boots opened by 6am but before then, all stations were already packed full as voters waited for IEBC officials to begin the voting processes.

Long lines of voters snaked outside of polling stations around the country, many of them camping out from before midnight, under heavy security.

Dog joins the queue on election day

Voting got underway shortly after 6am and all eyes are on an electronic voter identification and tallying system whose success is seen as crucial to a smooth

Man With Oxygen Tank Appears to cast vote: It was a scene to behold at Dandora Primary School polling station on the election morning when a man with a terminal disease got to the polling station with his oxygen cylinder to cast his vote.

The 53-year old man named John Nyakundi, was present at the voting centre and said that he must vote to elect a leader who will ensure affordable health services for people like him.

“By exercising my democratic right through voting, I hope the person of my choice wins hence help in paying for my medication which has left me in a desperate condition,” Mr Nyakundi said.

Man Dies After casting His vote: Voters were left in shock as a man collapsed and passed a way a while after casting his vote.

The 63-year-old man identified as Patrick Atindo reportedly died after casting his vote at the Lela Primary School polling centre in Kisumu area of Kenya.

Confirming the death, the man’s son, Silvanus Ouma said his father was in a very stable state and excited as he prepared to participate in the ongoing Kenya election.

“He woke up in good health and went to Lela where he voted. He collapsed as he was going to the shade to take a rest but as we’re waiting for the results outside, we got the news that our father was no more,” Ouma said.

Atindo is not the only one who had collapsed at the polling station. Buzzkenya gathered that about four other women from different counties also collapsed during the voting processes.

Tensions has been high in the last days of the campaign with the murder of a top election official and opposition claims that one of its vote tallying centres was raided by police, heightening a feverish atmosphere of conspiracy and suspicion.

The polls are seen as a litmus test of Kenya’s progress since a disputed 2007 Kenya election sparked violence which left more than 1,100 dead and 600,000 displaced.

Pregnant woman gives birth on queue: It’s been reported that a pregnant woman in one of the polling stations got into severe labour while she was waiting to cast her vote.

Voting process spiralled business ideas: Though Kenyans are in for a serious business, some creative business minded citizens have seen an opportunity and exploited it. Their business model is simple: A gathering anywhere comes with demands.

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You could see food vendors carrying eggs, with ‘kachumbari iko na kafirifiri ka ubali’. Theygo about selling edibles to all those waiting on the queues for hours.

Confectionaries such as pin-pops, biscuit and sweets too have also been on demand while others sell water and sodas to quench the thirst of voters. “Kunywa maji . “Chagua kiongozi,” they chant.

Through the 2017 Kenya election, Kenyans are out to make drastic changes in the history of the country. Take a look at all that’s happening at the voting..