10 Popular Kenya Gospel Music Artists

The Kenyan music scene has been quite vibrant over the last decade. However, gospel music remains the most popular genre of music. In fact, gospel artists top the list of the most famous as well as the richest artists in general. The industry has seen old gospel artists making a comeback as well as new musicians being discovered. Currently, the following are the top 10 popular Kenya gospel music artists:

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10 Famous Kenya Gospel Music Artists

1. Rufftone

Rufftone - kenya gospel music artists

Do you like gospel music and want to get the best of it? Try Ruff tone. Ruff tone whose real names are Roy Smith Mwatia can be said to be the “God father” of gospel music. The musician was born 35 years ago in the Western province of Kenya. He specializes in gospel dance hall and raga. Besides being a gospel artist, he is also a music producer and owner of lampstand records.

2. Esther Wahome


When talking about the gospel industry, the name Esther Wahome always comes up. She is one of the most prolific figures who have always featured in the gospel scene. She has also dominated the scene for over two decades. Esther Wahome has also mentored many upcoming musicians in the industry. Besides singing, she also participates in charity events. As a wife and mother of three, she also represented the country in Mrs. World beauty pageant.

3. Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen - kenya gospel music artists

Daddy Owen aka Papa Fololo is the younger sibling of Rufftone. His real name is Owen Mwatia. He burst into the scene a few years back, and under the leadership of his big brother “Rufftone” he has dominated the gospel industry for the last three years. He also managed to win most awards and nominations in the last three years. The accolades included KORA, Channel O, Groove awards, and other local awards. Daddy Owen is also among the wealthiest musicians in Kenya.

4. Juliani

Juliani born Julius Owino started his music career as a secular rap artist with the group Ukoo Fulani. Born and raised in the ghetto, he has managed to cut himself a niche in the gospel industry. As the king of gospel rap, he has also been nominated a couple of times. Currently he is also the goodwill ambassador in charge of promoting youth farming in Kenya.

 5. Ben Githae

Ben Githae


Ben Githae is well known for singing more laid back gospel tunes. He usually performs in vernacular specifically in “Kikuyu” dialect. His fame has seen him feature in top musical concerts. Ben Githae was one of the most featured artists in the just concluded elections in Kenya.