Kenya Implements Instant Fine Scheme For Traffic Offences

Transport minister James Macharia has published a list of possible traffic offences in the Kenya Gazette with instant fines that range between KSh 500 and KSh 10,000.

The possible offences include talking over the phone while driving, use of seat belts and exceeding speed limits. Driving on foot paths and having a part of the body outside a moving vehicle were listed.

Motorcycle riders are required to wear protective gear while pedestrians will also receive fines for blocking the free passage of cars.

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In a bid to help curb corruption, motorists will no longer be arrested, have their vehicles towed to police stations, pay fines in cash or required to go to court. The process is usually time consuming and encourages the bribery of police officers.

Offenders will rather be required to pay instant fines using mobile money and then issued a standard receipt.

National Transport and Safety Authority director-general Francis Meja said the instant fines scheme will be implemented in Nairobi following the publication. It will further be introduced into other counties by next month.

He further added that offenders who deny charges will then be given a date with the traffic court.

The Matatu Welfare Association Chairman expressed delight in the new instant fines scheme. Mr Mbugua said the new fines were welcomed because it rids corruption out of the process. He also added that it was affordable.

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New Traffic Rules

Below are a few of the published traffic offences and their fines.

  1. Unqualified drivers will pay a KSh 5, 000 fine. Owners of public service vehicles who hire such drivers and conductors will pay twice the amount. Mechanics, car wash and parking attendants frequently get behind the wheel even when they are not qualified to drive.
  2. Drivers and passengers who put their body parts out of the window will be fined KSh 1,000 on the spot.
  3. Touting at bus and matatu stops across the country, will attract a maximum fine of KSh 3, 000, payable on the spot.
  4. Driving a tinted public service vehicle will cost a KSh 3,000 fine.
  5. Motorcycle passengers without protective gear will be liable for a fine of KSh 1,000, same as bike riders.
  6. Pedestrians obstructing free passage of vehicles, – crossing of roads at non-designated places – will pay KSh 500