Graphic Video: Kenya Police Officer Disarms Heavily Armed Suspect

A Kenya police officer recently disarmed a heavily armed robber, putting his life on the line. 

The suspected armed robber is now in police custody, after the fearless Kenya police service officer disarmed him of his weapons.

In a video, which quickly went viral on social media, the police officer could be seen as he grabbed the suspect (yet to be identified) who put up a stiff fight against the police officer.

Luck however ran out on the suspected armed robber when the Kenya service police officer overpowered him. The police officer, who put up a good fight as well, succeeded in collecting the robber’s pistol from him.

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Moments after grabbing the gun, some other policemen joined the brave police officer. The robber was then marched to the station where he is currently being detained to be subsequently charged to court.

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The police said they will interrogate and arrest members of any gang linked to him. The force also said he will face charges alone if he is found out to be operating in isolation.

Watch Video Below: 

Meanwhile, since the video made it online, the police officer who tackled the gun-wielding raider has been praised for his bravery. The middle-aged man has been receiving praises for wrestling the sawn-off shotgun-carrying robber single-handedly.

The video showing the dramatic encounter has gained thousands of views since it was released on social media platform.

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Some eye witnesses said he had raced to the man after he had suspected the raider, who was wearing a jacket over his weapon, and a pair of jeans.