Kenya Defence Forces Fight Off Another Al-Shabaab Attack

Kenyan defence forces repelled an al-Shabaab attack in Lamu county, slaughtering four militants after a shootout, a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) statement said on Tuesday morning.

The troops had been in hot pursuit of the al-Shabaab terrorists after they conducted a probing attack on a KDF camp in Mangai, Lamu county, yesterday evening, the statement said.

The troop also retrieved some weapons including a rocket-propelled grenade, two hand grenades, four AK47s and an unused improvised explosive device (IED).

The attempted al-shabaab attack happened near Baure, a remote village 60km (37 miles) north of the coastal town of Lamu.

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This is not far from Boni forest where the army is conducting an operation to flush out al-Shabaab, based in neighbouring Somalia. The authorities believe al-Shabaab units are in the large forest which stretches from Lamu into Somalia.

The militants are said to have carried out several attacks on Lamu and neighbouring areas from the forest. For that reason, Mandera county has placed an embargo on long distance trips.

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The county banned visitors in the north-eastern Kenyan county from using long-distance buses. According to the county’s security, the ban will remain in place in the mainly Muslim area until after Ramadan.

Al-Shabaab Islamist militants have on a good number of occasions ambushed several buses in Mandera travelling to and from the capital, Nairobi, over the last two years.

The al-Shabaab attacks in the area tend to sieve out non-Muslims and murder them.

The officials in Mandera, which borders Somalia where al-Shabaab is based, say the ban is to protect such people since tensions are high over increased attacks during the Muslim holy month.

However,  it is not clear how the ruling will be upheld.