Reactions Over Uhuru’s Win: “Kenya Is Not Worth Dying For”

It might be celebrations all the way for People in Kenya, especially those supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee-led party, but for the National Super Alliance (NASA) it is a venting period.

Supporters of Raila Odinga have taken all ways possible to unleash their anger won the unfavorable result released by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

Following the result which placed President Uhuru Kenyatta with over a million votes, disgruntled citizens have reacted by saying that the results clearly proved that Kenya is not worth fighting for.

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Odinga’s supporters had high hopes on the 2017 election that it would bring about the kind of change that Kenya has long waited for.

For them, the country’s former prime minister and a well-respected politician Raila Odinga was the best candidate who would have brought about the needed change. Their dreams were dashed out the second time when on Friday, August 11, the incumbent President was announced, winner

This, of course, was not without a long struggle with the opposition. The political situation heightened in the country after NASA claimed that the IEBC was being manipulated in favour of the president.

Looking at the scenarios preceding the electoral result, a number of Kenyans are beginning to nurse the thought that it would be much better if every citizen is left to his or own devices.

A Kenyan writer puts it this way: ” I’ m done with this country. I’ll be asking that my details be removed from the voter register. Never again will I participate in this bullshit of a process. See you on the other side, but above all;

“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery” echoing Malcolm X, the African American freedom fighter who visited Kenya in 1959

“No use fighting for this country. Let everyone be left to their own devices. Let everyone feel the pain of government oppression. Let everyone speak for themselves. Let everyone cry to their own gods. Let no one be asked to come out and defend anyone when an assassination knocks on your door.”

Police have been battling protesters around and according to security reports, about six people may have died from gunshots wounds on Friday night.

Raila Odinga showing proofs that the election was rigged

In Kisumu, a doctor said he had seen four bodies with bullet wounds at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral hospital but the County Police Commandant, Titus Yoma denied the report, saying he could only confirm one death- which occurred at Dago, in Maseno.NASA’s coalition agent James Orengo

NASA’s coalition agent James Orengo has accused election observers John Kerry and Thabo Mbeki among others, of sidelining them while pressuring and encouraging the IEBC to announce the winner regardless of NASA’s concerns about the accuracy of the election results.

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He said that the African Union, the European Union and the Commonwealth should adopt the vetting the observer missions to ensure they have no relationships with the governments of the day.

“The AU should have vetted the members of those observer missions because clearly the delegations rushed to judgement and gave this commission to go on with making this announcement and telling us we can do what we want suggesting that we should go to court.”

He also said that ex-Ghana president John Mahama should have been vetted alongside Mbeki and ex-US Secretary of State John Kerry because their characters look like they are from heaven but they also have a past.