Kenyan 2017 Election: Aburi Says He Would Die If Raila Wins

As tension mounts ahead of the 2017 presidential election, Mpuru Aburi, Raila Odinga’s brother says he will go into exile should it turn out that Raila won the election scheduled to take place in August.

Speaking to news media on Friday, the Tigania East MP said he is afraid his brother Raila who is a member of the ODM would find ways to eliminate him as soon as he becomes the next president.

Aburi stands as one of the most recognizable first term MPs in the 11th parliament, probably because of his outspoken nature. But politics in Kenya has not been that easy as Raila, who he claimed is his blood brother stands as his political opponent.

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Referring to himself as “Raila wa Meru” or “Raila Mdogo” has often times told the public that Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, the first Vice President of Kenya, is his father.

The 53-year old politician has always identified with the Odingas going as far back as 1992 when he was elected councilor in Meru Municipality on Ford Kenya ticket.

The MP has a striking resemblance with Raila.

But, the forthcoming presidential election scheduled to take place in August 8, would seemingly take a different look as the MP fights hard to make sure that President Uhuru wins the Presidential seat against his brother.

“I will ensure [President Uhuru of Jubilee party wins the Presidential seat again] because I cannot stand a Raila government,” he said adding that he would do so to avoid being killed.

Aburi’s alleged fear for the coming elections was made known a day after Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi expressed concern that the National Super Alliance was gaining popularity in Meru.

The Star also noted that Mpuru said he will be at the country’s border for ease of jetting out for exile in the case of a Raila win but did not explain why he thinks the ODM leader will eliminate him.

If Raila wins this election, I will be the first person he will kill. I will be on standby at one of the borders, ready to run away,” he reportedly said.

The MP vied for the seat on an ODM party ticket in the 2013 election and was the among the only two MPs in Meru who won their seats on the Orange ticket in an area perceived to be a Jubilee stronghold.

He asked the President to shun advisers who keep telling him Meru will rally behind him and visit the county in person.

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He said some leaders were not telling Uhuru the truth because he should have been notified that the people were not satisfied and were finding solace in Nasa.

“I am telling you, you must come and camp in Meru because it’s yours. Stop concentrating on people who did not vote for you,

Uhuru should concentrate on areas that supported him. Some leaders are lying to you that Meru is behind you. That’s a lie,” Aburi said.