Kenyans Based In South Sudan Killed After Thier Plea For Rescue Failed

Kenyans based in South Sudan have shared their experiences during the violent Juba fighting that claimed many civilians lives both from the country and beyond.

They are seeking help from the country’s government and none seems to be forthcoming.

Some of them have said they might resort to taking advantage of the evacuation planned by the Ugandan army.

Others who are trapped in clashes in South Sudan say they have been without food for days and are now desperate to be safe by all means. They want the Kenyan government to rescue them.

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But it seems help didn’t come as one man wrote:

“We spoke to the ambassador at 11am and he said GoK has NO plans to evacuate us; get your own means e.g. KQ. And road not safe. We are still asking, is it possible for GoK to coordinate with Uganda’s UPDF to secure Juba-Nimule road? Create a humanitarian corridor”.

Juba fighting

As of yet, at least 16 Kenyan truck drivers and six others from Uganda were killed in the recent violence in South Sudan. Overall death figures are yet to be known but it is estimated that the fighting claimed the lives of more than 200 people.

The drivers were caught in the crossfire on their way from Juba as soldiers allied to President Salva Kiir battled their counterparts loyal to first Vice-President Riek Machar.

Uganda’s president called to evacuate its citizens from South Sudan, and to achieve this, the country opened a special phone line.

Heavy fighting erupted again in South Sudan’s capital on Monday a day after the United Nations (UN) Security Council told rivals President Salva Kiir and Vice ­President Riek Machar to rein in their forces and end the days old violence that have left scores dead.

A Reuters witness saw two helicopters overhead firing apparently in the direction of Machar’s political and military headquarters. Residents reported tanks on the street.

A UN official said serious  gunfire had  started around UN bases again. The capital has been at war nearly every day since Thursday as Kiir’s troops and soldiers backing former rebel leader Machar first clashed, raising tension taht the country might go back to full­blown war after a two ­year civil war.

It was not immediately clear who was leading the fighting or if either side was gaining the upper hand. The violence has futher proved that Kiir and Machar, longtime political and military rivals, may not have full control of their forces. There has been no official death toll but at least five soldiers died on Thursday after the clash.

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A large number of people who have left their homes.

The UN said almost 36,000 people were displaced by the fighting.

Today the two rivals ordered a ceasefire to end the clashes between troops loyal to South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and those loyal to Vice-President Riek Machar is reported to be holding.

After the announcement, people began to come out from their homes and bolt holes in South Sudan’s capital, Juba. life is beginning to return to some kind of normality.

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And some aid workers now have the grim task of dealing with those who have died.

The capital, Juba, is quiet after days of intense fighting that has claimed hundreds of lives.

But aid workers say the humanitarian situation in the city is dire, with shortages of food and clean water.

Thousands who had sought refuge in churches, schools and UN compounds are returning to their homes since food and water supplies are running out.

Both the president and the vice-president are now facing pressure from the United Nations, the US, and neighboring countries to respect the peace deal they both signed last year in order to prevent South Sudan sliding back into civil war.