Kenyan Gay Man Marries His White Partner In Michigan, USA (Pictures)

A Kenyan man, identified as Ben Gitau, has walked down the aisle with another man in Michigan USA.

The 33 year old married an American mathematics professor, Steve Damelin, at a ceremony held at Ann Arbor, MI, on Saturday afternoon.

Gitau and his partner Steve, dressed in black and white suits, exchanged rings and vows while sealing the homosexual union with a kiss.

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As Gitau from Nakuru kissed and fondled his partner at square’s gardens, friends and family members who had witness their marriage whistled at them in a show of appreciation.

Afterwards, Gitau posted multiple hashtags, some of which are very famous within the gay community in the US, on his twitter and Facebook accounts:

‪#‎HappilyMarried ‪#‎NewlyWed ‪#‎GayCouple ‪#‎GayHusbands ‪#‎2Hubbies‪#‎Blessed ‪#‎JewishHubby ‪#‎ChristianHubby‪#‎Hubby1 ‪#‎Hubby2 ‪#‎4Ever1‪#‎InGodsMath ‪#‎GetItRight ‪#‎NoWife ‪#‎ThankYou!

Kararu Ririi, who is said to be a close friend to the couple tweeted:

“This afternoon I had a chance to congratulate my friend, Ben and his husband, Steve on occasion of their marriage. It is a rare thing to see a Kenyan man so courageous! Congratulations.”

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Ben Gitau lived in Atlanta, Georgia, before he relocated to the state of California. A family member who begged for anonymity said Kenyan Gitau met his ‘fiancé,’ in Atlanta where the latter was running his PhD programme at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Mr Steve Damlin is a famous American scholar and professor of Mathematics. His works so far include the Cambridge University Press book The Mathematics of Signal Processing with Willard Miller. He has also made other contributions in diverse areas including number theory, finite fields, coding theory, computer vision, imaging, signal processing, quantum computing, computational and pure harmonic analysis, geometric analysis, random matrices, potential theory, approximation theory, numerical analysis and mathematics education.

Ben Gitau’s current occupation could not be established by our correspondents at the time of this filing of this report. The state of Michigan took down the ban on gay marriage law last year in June in a landmark US Supreme court ruling, but conditions were that the couple had to be in love.

In October 2015, President Uhuru Kenyatta frowned at campaigns against homosexuals saying all Kenyans are entitled to protection under the law. Uhuru urged the public not to take laws into their hands and harass community members, as the law is clear on the protection of all.

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During US President Barack Obama first trip to Kenya as a president in July 2015, Uhuru thought wrong of the world leader’s stance on homosexuality, saying values which “our culture and societies do not accept” must be acknowledged.

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Obama had argued that law abiding nationals who are “doing the right things” should not be despised because of who they fall in love with.

Here Are Few Pictures From Ben Gitau And Steve Damelin’s Honeymoon

 Ben Gitau


 Ben Gitau


 Ben Gitau


 Ben Gitau


 Ben Gitau