Top 6 kenyan Celebrities And Their Tattoos

In the past, most Africans were not fond of tattoos mostly because it was seen as a rebellious thing. But recently, everyone wants tattoos as much as  Vybz Kartel and Lil Wayne. In the words of Gaza King Vybz Kartel, “Tattoos sell off, everybody has to look”.  He encourages both old and young people to stamp their bodies with inked arts covering fields as varied as fire-breathing dragons, serpents, angels, demons, daggers, buxom females and portraits of their heroes. Several people stamp tattoos in quite doubtful spots on their bodies, leaving a great number of observers in a “wonder land”.

Kenyan celebrities are not left out in the tattoo craze either, they have joined in on the latest fashion. Many Kenyan celebrities have been seen with pictures of their mentors, families, lovers, etc on their arms. Some even used pictures of Mics to express their huge love for music while some others inked in words, what they feel or their best quotes ever. The list below represents top 5 Kenyan celebrities that have their tattoos boldly inked.

1. Prezzo


The first celeb on our list is Prezzo. Many young Kenyans are highly motivated by his tattoos. The rapper and music producer boldly inked a number of pictures on his arm. More surprisingly, the bling master appeared on stage spotting his father’s image on his arm, expressing how much he loves his father. Prezzzo loves tattoos to a fault, clearly one of the reasons he has tattoos nearly on every part of his body.

2. Abbas Kubbaf


The second celeb on our list who is crazily in love with tattoos is Abbas Kubbaf. Speaking of expressing the love for music, Abbas Kubbaf has inked his arms with an image of a microphone among other things, explicitly telling the world how much he loves music. The Kenyan flaunts his inks almost all the time and never hesitates to point at them when taking shots.

3. J’Mani


J’Mani is one of tattoo lovers who have transformed almost their entire bodies into pointed hollows of ink. His arms clearly represent a complete work of art as they are boldly inked with different images. It is no longer news that many young Kenyans admire J’Mani’s tattoos.

4. Dj Creme

dj creme

A popular DJ in Kenya, Dj Creme also has his tattoos boldly inked. The top billed DJ, MC and Entrepreneur stamped several pictures on his arms. To him, tattoos are a source of passion and a form of art. Although he didn’t go too far with his tattoos, he almost covered his left arm with ink.

5. Shaffie Weru


This good-looking celebrity who is regarded as a “Play boy” almost went extreme with his tattoos. Shaffie has sharp-looking tattoos on both his arms. The lad could be wearing his heart on his skin. However, his tattoos when understood in its entirety would prove so.

6. Kus Ma Of Camp Mulla


The last but definitely not the least celeb on our list is Camp Mulla’s Kus Ma. The lad is one of the many celebrities who don’t go easy on using their bodies as canvas. To him, tattoo is a form of expression. The lad is trying out several tattoos as fame comes calling

Their tattoos are trendy, aren’t they? Let us know what you think about these celebrities and their tattoos in the comment section below: