Kenyan Celebrities Who’ve Been Engaged In Severe Fights

Every celebrity has their own way of drawing attention through different means including engaging in fights, tongue lashing, verbal lashing and other controversial circles. But these Kenyan celebrities particularly love to fight not to draw attention but probably because it is part of their many hobbies. A handful of them have engaged in several fights, and more often than not, most of them are over petty issues. So why do they always have to fight? Well, sometimes fans enjoy watching the videos or reading about the stories of fights, maybe that’s why they keep doing what they do best. Read on to see some of regular celebrity fighters.

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1. Vannessa Chettle


A year ago, when the Naxvegas Party was taking place, socialite Vanessa Chettle, Ann Mbaru and DJ Exclusive got involved in a fight that got Vanessa’s head hit with a bottle. According to report, the party literally came to an abrupt end when Vanessa Chettle, her friend who’s the Head Of Sales & Advertising at; Sandra Akinyi Bartonjo and some random fat guy began throwing bottles all over the place. One bottle landed on her head and she was taken to the hospital right away as she was bleeding profusely.

2. Shappa Man


Shappa Man is always at it. He is without doubt the greatest celebrity fighter. Sometime in the past, he was captured in a club fight in 2013, with  Ian Mugoya, and Nick Mutuma at a Jameson Live Event, after former Capital FM’s marketing executive Eddie Tash was accused of stealing a phone. The rapper still made a fist comeback at the Carnivore Simba Saloon restaurant where he reportedly assaulted a party-lover before police arrested him.

3. Yvonne Darcq & Kush Tracey


This is the latest celebrity fight. According to reports, the two celebrities were fighting over Mluhya wa Busia, famously known as Kristoff at the famous K1 Club. It was said that Darcq threw a bottle at Kush Tracey for daring to talk to Kristoff.

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4. Jerry Jo

Jerry Jo is another fighter on our list of Kenyan celebrity fighters. The dancehall artiste has been seen engaging in a wild brawl a good number of times along Nairobi’s Luthuli Avenue.

5. Chipukeezy & Prezzo


The fight between this two happened 4 months ago during a party at Skylux. Chipukeezy and his girl were heading to their reserved table at the VIP. He happened to push one of Prezzo’s boys and that is when the drama began.  Prezzo attempted to touch Chipukeezy’s girlfriend’s butt to annoy Chipukeezy, then Chipukeezy’s reportedly hit one of prezzo’s friend with a whiskey bottle. The bouncers came to calm things down

6. Dennis Oliech & Ian Mugoya

Dennis Oliech-and-Ian-Mugoya-1

Dennis Oliech went for a night out with a hot lady during the 50th edition of Blankets and Wine. He and his date ran into former Str8up TV show host, Ian Mugoya with his boys. Oliech’s miss according to Ian met a guy she wouldn’t mind laying her hands on. She approached Ian Mugoya and flirted with him -Ian had no idea she was taken according to Ian. When Dennis Oliech, the Harrambee Stars striker noticed what was happening, he reportedly walked upto Ian and pulled out a gun on the lad and said, “stealing mali ya watu”.

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