10 Kenyan Celebrities That Imprint Their Lives On Yours

Celebrities are a group of people who have prominent profiles and command some form of public fascination and they always influence the news on the media daily. They are people who are easily recognised by the public due to their wealth, popularity with people and their prominence in a particular field like music or sports. Kenyan celebrities have both positive and negative influence on the lives of their fans. Below are some examples of the celebrities in Kenya and how they influence the lives of Kenyans.

10 Most Influential Kenyan Celebrities

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1. Charles Njagua Kanyi aka Jaguar

prezzo - kenyan celebrities

Jaguar is the biggest  Kenyan celebrity at the moment. He is a successful businessman besides singing and is also popular for being philanthropic. His humble beginning and young life was a sad experience but he overcame all that to become one of Kenya’s best musician and the richest at the moment. He always gives back to the society and helps the needy. The story of Jaguar serves as a lesson to all that today’s position should not determine the future of any person. You also get to appreciate what hard work, determination and focus can do in changing one’s life.

2. David Mathenge aka Nameless

David_Mathenge - kenyan celebrities

Nameless is a Kenyan Pop artist and is married to another  Kenyan celebrity Wahu Kagwi. From the life of Nameless there are some lessons that could influence the lives of other people. First of all he is an architect apart from his music career, a father and a model husband. It would be possible to learn from his life the importance of education on an individual’s life and the essence of being determined and working hard to achieve your goals.

3. Paul Julius Nunda aka Jua Cali

jua-cali - kenyan celebrities

Jua Cali is a rapper from Calif Records in Kenya and he specialises in genge’ style of rap music. He is popular due to his slow rap music and his down to earth nature. Humbleness and loyalty are the two big lessons that can influence your life from the life of Jua Cali.

4. Linet Munyali aka Size 8

Linet_Munyali - kenyan celebrities

Size 8 is a petite Kenyan singer who started off as a secular artiste but recently she got saved and is now a gospel artiste. Her transformation could act as a positive influence on the lives of her fans and make them change their sinful lifestyles.

5. Caroline Mutoko

caroline_mutoko - kenyan celebrities

Caroline is a radio queen who works with Radio Africa and she presents the big breakfast on Kiss 100. She is an outspoken lady who does not shy away from addressing issues that affect the people of Kenya. She is also involved in various campaigns to help the girl child especially in the sanitary pads campaign. Her general character influences people to be more assertive in life and help the needy.