Kenyan Comedian Fred Omondi Finally Discloses His ‘Wife’, Check If She Is Actually Beautiful

Comedians in Kenya seem to have made their mark as being one of the most funny people on earth, but what is more stunning about them is that they also seem to have willingly chosen stunningly jaw-dropping ladies as wives.

People think they go for drop-dead beautiful women because they are avoiding the event of their wives being used in making jokes for other people to laugh. Frankly, we do know these comedians are funny, popular, and have also become rich for making we Kenyans laugh  out loud. And yes, this might be a reason most Kenyans believe women especially the gorgeous ones, admire them with ease and embrace them for romantic relationships, which often times metamorphoses into marriage. However, keep in mind that most of them met their love at the early stages of their career and they saw themselves robbing the hearts of Kenyan most beautiful ladies without much stress unlike other men .

Clearly, the funny nature of these comedians which tends to trail these comedians is however not seen in their choice of spouses as they seem to clear their eyes appropriately before choosing a life partner.

In this carefully written article, unveils the pretty queen of Fred Omondi whom he is about to tie the knot with. So, if you’ve ever wondered who this stand up comedian will marry and who  he is in love with, wonder no more.

Remember what they say about beauty and in case you are not accustomed to the saying; it simply says that beauty is right in the eyes of the beholder. And as such this humor merchant believes so much in his would-be wife’s beauty. He sees beautiful tall, curvy, and pretty woman whom he is about to rock the world with. You may think otherwise but truth be told she is just so cute!

Wondering how it all happened? Okay, here is how, the stand up comedian Fred Omondi, Eric Omondi’s brother, recently proclaimed his love for his girlfriend Maureen Nzilani, publicly. He further goes ahead to call her ‘wife’ on his social media pages.

We all know how reserved Fred can be when it comes to disclosing something personal. So this is the very first time he’s made public something personal as he is known to be a very private person.

Surprisingly the ‘habari yenu nyinyi’ comedian took to his Instagram page to express his deep love for his special someone. Yes he has twice shared the photos of Maureen with captions that depict how proud and lucky he is to have her.

According to Omondi caption on his would-be wife’s photo:

“Behind every man there is a…” and another reads: “My woman, my wife. Happy 2015.”

Fred we can’t wait to behold that very day you make your caption a reality. As you already know Fred started off at Churchill show where he showcased his skills in the comic industry and has since then taken a long jump to stardom. His fame is obviously climbing as he keeps putting in more unique concepts.

Now, before I forget, here is the photo he shared on Instagram and also what his fans have to say about the photos. Check them below and tell us how beautiful you think she is.



Now, you have seen that the witty and playful Fred, shows no hesitation to flaunt Nzilani, whose beauty has really stolen the hearts of his fans’ .