200 Unique Kenyan Names For Your Newborn Baby

Are you looking for unique Kenyan Baby Names for your new-born baby?… Well, if you are anything like some of us here, You’ll like great names that will help your baby stand out from the crowd without making her subject to teasing or caricature. Kenyans take seriously the choice of names, Kenyans believe that there are traits or characteristics in names that follow anyone that bear it.

Most of the Kenyan names are given to honour and preserve the Kenyan heritage. Kenyan first names are usually western while the second is about the circumstances surrounding the person’s birth.

Are you looking for a suitable Kenyan name? look no further, here we bring you 200 unique Kenyan names but first, there are few things you need to consider before getting a Kenyan name for your baby

You need to consider the meaning of the name, also to be put into consideration is how the name sounds, does it sound cool? how does it ring to the ear, this is perhaps the most important one to be considered as there are some names that would sound cool for babies but not that cool for an adult, those are the things to be put into consideration as you wouldn’t want your Child to change his or her name when he has grown up, you also need to check whether such a name would be appropriate for his or her gender, is the name popular? is it too popular or unpopular. In this article We’ve listed a comprehensive list of 200 Unique Kenyan names for your baby, here goes the list

Very Unique Kenyan Names

1) M –Atieno

2) F –Ayah

3) M –Ayo

4) F –Ayubu

5) M –Azima

6) M –Azizi

7) F –Aisha

8) F –Aishia

9) F –Akina

10) F –Aleela

11) F –Aluna

12) M –Abasi

13) F –Abbo

14) M –Abdalla

15) M –Abdu

16) M –Anasa

18) F –Angalia

19) F –Arusi

20) F –Ashante

21) M –Barasa

22) F –Barika

23) F –Bavana

24) M –Bayana

25) F –Bayinika

26) M –Beno

27) F –Budhya

28) M –Busar

29) F –Busara

30) M –Chilemba

31) F –Chinira

32) M –Chitundu

33) F –Chriki

34) F –Chagina

35) M –Chane

36) F –Chanua

37) F –Chiku

38) M–Daudi

39) F –Dhamiria

40) F –Dinka

41) M –Duma

42) F –Dafina

43) F –Dalia

44) F –Dalila

45) M –Darweshi

46) F –Elewa

47) M –Elim

48) F –Elimisha

49) F –Elea

50) M –Elea

51) F –Endana

52) F –Endelea

53) F –Faraji

54) M –Faraji

55) F –Farijika

56) M –Farijika

57) F –Fatuma

58) F –Fikira

59) F –Fanaka

60) M –Fanaka

61) M –Hamidi

62) M –Hamisi

63) F –Haoniyao

64) F –Hasina

65) F –Hawa

66) F –Heshima

67) F –Himaya

68) M –Habib

69) F –Hadiya

70) M –Hali

71) F –Halima

72) F –Halina

73) M –Hamadi

74) M –Haoniyao

75) F –Hasana

76) F –Hasanati

77) F –Inira

78) F –Inithia

79) F –Issa

80) M –Issa

81) M –Ikeno

82) F –Imani

83) F –Imara

84) F –Imarisha

85) F –Jamaa

86) M –Jamal

87) F –Jamani

88) F –Jamba

89) M –Jamba

90) M –Jata

91) F –Jehlani

92) M –Jela

93) F –Jina

94) M –Jafari

95) F –Jaha

96) F –Jahaira

97) F –Jama

98) M –Jina

99) F –Jiona

100) F –Julisha