A Kenyan Teacher Gets 90-Year Jail Sentence For Not Controlling His Urge

A 23-year-old Kenyan paedophile volunteer primary school teacher has been sentenced to 90 years in jail for sexually abusing his pupils.

John Gichia Mugi was arraigned in court in Murang’a for sexually assaulting 10 boys when he was their boarding master at Muthiria Primary School in Kiharu Constituency located in central Kenya in 2015.

The culprit was convicted of abusing 10 boys between January and May 2015. The judge explained that the teacher failed parents’ trust by hurting the boys he was supposed to look after.

The victims, aged between 13 and 16 years, had testified that the teacher enticed them with gifts to allow him fondle their private parts as well as kiss them after night preps.

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The court jailed him for nine years for each of the ten counts.

The 90-year jail term may be one of the longest and jail term given to a sexual offender in Kenya. Resident Magistrate Jesse Masiga who made the ruling said the accused is entitled to a deterrent sentence that commensurates each crime.

In reading the sentence, the judge said:

“The teacher had breached the trust given to him by parents and committed a very heinous offence against them.  The prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that you had sexually assaulted the boys. I sentence you to serve a 10 years prison term for each of the nine counts of sexual assault. The sentences will run consecutively.”

The matter started when one of his victims declined to be left in the school by his parents who had attended a parents’ meeting.

When queried, the pupil disclosed how the teacher was indecently assaulting them at night when others were asleep.

The teacher, took to his heels after the boys exposed him.

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Eleven pupils came forward and exposed the teacher but the court later struck out one of them due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Medical records from Muriranjas Hospital showed that the pupils had been indecently assaulted but were not molested by the teacher who was employed by the school’s board of management.

Th boys told the court that the teacher had tried to molest them in their dormitories but they didn’t let him.

The school’s headteacher was found guilty of professional misconduct and discontinued from service by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) after he tried to cover up the case.

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On mitigation, Gichia dismissed the allegation and told the court that the pupils planned with some teachers to to lie against him.

Through lawyer J N Mbuthia, Mr Gichia vowed that he was innocent and said there was rivalry between him and three other teachers after he was promoted as the head of the science department.

The court dismissed the conspiracy claim, saying that the children had a cordial relationship with the teacher and that reporting sexual offences was humiliating in nature that no person can lie about it.

Mr Gichia also told the court that he was his family’s breadwinner and was still pursuing further studies.

He said his strong Christian faith would not allow him to engage in such ugly acts and that pupils also didn’t like his strictness. But he was marched into the waiting prison.

His parents, who could not control their emotions, broke into tears.