Kenyan Policemen Arrested And Detained In Ethiopia

Six Kenyan policemen were arrested and detained in an Ethiopian police station on the 23rd of October.

Among the six Kenyan policemen arrested and detained is the Illret Police Station OCS, Chief Inspector Christopher Nalianya from Marsabit.

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The station commander was accompanied by Constable Samson Kato, who was driving a police truck, Constable Patrick Juma and Constable Samson Njenga. National Police Reservist (Inspector) Lomide Achala, and the Illret Ward administrator, Mr Koriye made up the team.

The armed officers were arrested as they tried to rescue their colleague who had trespassed into Ethiopian territory. Their weapons were confiscated and vehicle seized before being placed in custody.

Their colleague, a reservist named Salim Kala, had earlier on been arrested on the 21st of October for allegedly fishing on the Ethiopian side of Lake Turkana.

Kenyan Policemen Arrested

Marsabit Police Commander Ben Kogo confirmed the incident, saying that there were in communication with their arrested colleagues and are trying to secure their release.

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Kenyan authorities say efforts are under way to release the arrested police officers through a liaison officer in Moyale. They also added that the local administrator at Jinga Omarate district, where the officers are being held, is cooperative.

Clashes between security agencies from both countries in that area have been on a rise this year. About a week ago, about 100 Ethiopian soldiers entered Kenya and surrounded a Village, about 9km away from the nearest Police Station.

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Kenya Defence Forces soldiers had to be deployed to that village in Marsabit.

The Ethiopian soldiers said they were after Oromo Liberation Front militants, who were suspected to be responsible for killing police officers in Ethiopia.