Pregnant Woman Sets Herself On Fire After Strange Phone Call – You Need To See This

A six-month pregnant woman in Langa Langa estate, Nakuru County, suffered serious burns after she set herself on fire over a worrying phone call.

It all started when the pregnant woman Sylvia Njoki overheard her husband speaking to another woman on phone. She felt the need to query her husband over the strange woman who she believed was going out with her husband. But rather than getting a polite response, fight erupted between the couple.

In a wild agitation, she pressed on for the answer and her husband reportedly dodged the question, choosing not to answer instead. She dashed out and got 5 litres of kerosene, poured a sizable amount on herself, and then she set herself alight.

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The 28-year-old woman was immediately rushed to the hospital after the fire was eventually put out. But Ms Njoki remains in critical condition at the Nakuru Level Five hospital. Doctors allege she had sustained 45 percent burns.

The medics fear for the life of Njoki’s unborn child. And her husband, who is still in shock, could not comment on the disturbing incident as at the time of the filing of this report.

It is clear that this is not a case of intimidation, physical assault, battery, or sexual assault, as has recently become a trend among fighting couples. However, people from different quarters, including their neighbours and other eye witnesses, have posited that she suffered from emotional abuse at the hand of her husband.

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Whether or not this proves to be the case, is not clear to us at the time of filing this report. But one thing is for sure. The woman wasn’t secured in her husband’s faithfulness, and apparently thought he was having something with someone else on the side.