Kenyan Presidential Re-run: Jubilee In Drastic Plans To Swear In Uhuru At All Cost

Weeks ahead of the Kenyan Presidential re-run, there’s been speculation that the governing Jubilee party is making plans to ensure that Uhuru is announced President.

Raila Odinga had earlier warned that the re-election may not take place if Uhuru’s government insists on pushing through with its proposed electoral laws.

In one of the amendments proposed to the Elections Law, Jubilee seeks to have Kenyatta declared winner on the basis that his rival fails not to present himself for the election.

“Where only one candidate remains after the withdrawal, the remaining candidate shall be declared elected forthwith as the President-elect without any election,” says the new provision.

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Also included in the proposed law fronted by Jubilee include making manual tallying superior to electronic. This will help the ruling party in its drastic moves to ensure Jubilee wins the repeat Kenyan Presidential re-run.

The proposed law, which is being considered by the National Assembly, seeks to make it possible for the vice chairman of the agency to act as the chairman in the absence of the chairman.

The new law also states that at least three commissioners would make a decision as the commission by lowering the quorum for its meetings from five to half of the existing members but not less than three.

On result transmission, it says although both electronic and manual systems will be used, the manual one takes precedence in case of conflict.

NASA’s Presidential candidate Raila Odinga, however, rejected the changes saying they are no sincere.

Vowing to make himself available for the October 26 Kenyan Presidential re-run, Odinga further warned that the election would not push through if the proposed law is not stopped and some of the corrupt IEBC officials are not fired.

In a new development, Raila Odinga of the National Super Alliance agreed to dialogue with the Jubilee party but on a condition that the party withdraws its proposed laws.

Mr Odinga said the new law waters down the Constitution and as an action in bad faith by the governing Jubilee party ahead of the October 26 poll.

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Meanwhile, the National Super Alliance (NASA) has written a letter demanding police protection following their upcoming demonstration on Monday, October 2 and Friday, October 6.

“We notify you of the above peaceful demonstrations to express displeasure and the call for the resignation of doubted IEBC officials who are under investigation following the directive of the Director of Public Prosecution ahead of the October 26 repeat election,” NASA wrote, assuring the Koome that the demos will be peaceful and orderly.

The party also stated that the opposition brigade has put in place plans for peace marshals to guide and manage the demonstrators.