Operations Of Kenyan Security Forces Against Al-Shabaab

Kenyan security forces have in nine months slaughtered 10 suspected al-Shabaab Islamist militants, detaining 36 others since an operation against the militants on the coast was stepped up, the head of the operation said on Friday.

The said militants used Boni forest as their hideouts, unleashing rounds of raids against coastal sites. They in 2014 murdered 100 people in the Mpeketoni area of Lamu County, close to Boni forest.

James Ole Serian, head of the joint army and police operation, stated that Kenyan troops had cleared the forest and ruined hideouts used by the group. He added that about 10 suspected militants who dismissed the offer to shelve the group had been killed. In addition, he said at least 36 had been detained.

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He also explained that the security agencies are currently building a permanent base within the forest which will be shared by the military and police to ensure continuous security.


Last year, Ole Serian said that Kenyan troops had destroyed five al Shabaab hideouts in the forest and recovered a cache of arms. Kenya has beefed up security operations in Lamu – a County which lies near the Somali border and is a famous tourist centre.

Al-Shabaab is fighting a guerrilla war in Somalia with the intention of imposing Sharia law. Also, the Islamic group has regularly carried out attacks with multiple casualties in Kenya and has sworn revenge against the government ostensibly for her military participation against the terrorists in Somalia.

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Meanwhile, in a bid to end the heinous group, the government had said on Monday that it was coming up with a timetable to shut down Dadaab camp, home to about 350,000 Somali refugees, to avert manipulations by the militants. However, United Nations, the United States and rights groups have urged Kenya to reconsider her decision.