Kenyan Special Forces Stomp El Adde To Rescue Soldiers Believed To Be Alive

Kenyan Special Forces have stormed the El Adde KDF camp yesterday to bring back soldiers who are probably trapped in the bush. 

Reports say both ground and air forces in Kenya entered the devastated zone in a supposed bid to secure the camp and rescue a small group of survivors who have contacted other camps in Gedo region. Also, the special forces have established contact with some commanders who got lost during the insurgent assault.

The attack on Friday saw the use of Vehicle Borne Improvised Devices (VBIED) on KDF defence and this left the defence porous for further attack. However there is a redeeming strategy that will reinforce the KDF defence and discourage future attacks in camp.

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According to the our military sources, Kenya’s military intelligence is currently putting down a painstaking plan that will strengthen Kenya’s defence, especially knowing that the terror group now appropriate tactics from ISIS.

Though the militants allegedly showed thorough planning skills during the raid but they only took advantage of a tactical weakness or gap that occurred when a group of soldiers was leaving the camp and another was coming. They make use of every weakness, and how theyobtain information is still unknown. But Kenyan forces are buckling up to overcome the group, assuring not to have any more of attacks from VBIED in their base.

Prior to Friday’s attack, the insurgents tried using inferior Vehicle Borne Improvised Devices (VBIED) to attack Kenya’s defences after the capture of Bardheere from Al Shabaab in July last year, but failed as it was destroyed by Kenyan soldiers before they could launch the said attack.

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Unlike the amateur devices, the VBIED used in Friday’s raid was forged from an armour proof truck that was stripped off from Burundian forces who were slaughtered in Leego in Southern Somalia last year. Realizing this, Kenyan’s military will work based on that, the sources say.

Meanwhile, KDF is purporting that radicalized Kenyans were also among the attackers. This is happening amid reports that most of the insurgents involved in Friday’s raid could have been Kenyan radicals. It is alleged that most militants in Gedo region lately constitute scores of foreign fighters including Kenyan converts to radical Islam practices.

“there is a likelihood that most of the fighters involved in the El Adde operation were Kenyans, while some of the foreign fighters carry identity documents indicating they are Kenyan, many are phenotypically non ethnic Somali,” a source says.