Kenyan Teacher Ranks Among World’s Top 10 Best Teachers

The Global Teacher Prize has announced its Top 10 Finalists in 2016 this morning, and amazingly a Kenyan teacher reached the top 10 finalists in one of the most-sought after global prize.

The Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize  presents an award to an outstanding teacher who has made a remarkable contribution to the profession every year.

The initiative which bestows global teaching prize celebrates the best in teachers including those who inspire their students and their community around them.

Well, the hard working Ayub Mohamud, who teaches business at a high school in Eastleigh, a suburb of the capital, Nairobi, emerges among the top ten world’s most exceptional teachers in 2016. He is competing to become the most exceptional teacher in the world and will be given a monetary prize.

Organisers say Mr Mohamud, who is passionate about innovation, design and creativity, tries to equip students with the skills to become successful social entrepreneurs.

The great teacher, who is listed among ten of the best teachers in the world, teaches in Nairobi where in recent years, children face numerous challenges including poverty, radicalization, and violent extremism.

As a Religious Education teacher, he is creating a network of like-minded teachers to fight the extremism as well as preventing radicalization on both local and national levels.

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Mr Mohamud is selected alongside teachers from the US, UK, Australia, India, Pakistan, Palestine, Japan and Finland, with two teachers from the US while other countries have one teacher each.

The winner will receive a prize of a $1m (£690,000) at an awards ceremony in March. They are all incredibly inspiring and unique teachers, judging by their individual contributions to their various countries even in the face of challenges.

They all deserve the prize no doubt, but I hope our dear brother brings the money home for being an outstanding Kenyan teacher.