Kenyan Troops Draw Closer To Home As They Leave Somali Camp Behind

After the recent Al Shabaab attack in KDF’s camp based in Somali, Kenyan troops have fled the camp in the southern Somali town of El Adde, according to a military spokesman. This has been mistaken by many to mean an official withdrawal. But that’s not the case. 

Col David Obonyo admitted to the BBC that Kenyan troops left the camp because the retreat is tactical. He explained that the relocation isn’t necessarily a pull-out from the volatile country. According to him, the Kenya Defence Forces haven’t necessarily dumped the camp, but are currently posted nearby.

Quoting him:

Nobody says we must be in that camp, we can operate from another site.

He noted that the Kenya Defence Forces can’t pull out of  Somalia since they are still in a mission under AMISOM.

However, Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) are building new camps and bases in Somalia to enable them fight the Al-Shabaab militants better.

This, according to KDF, is necessary to avoid similar deadly attacks, like the one on a KDF and AMISOM base in El Adde on Friday, January 15, from happening again.

The new reinforcement of positions will have particular emphasis within the region known as Sector Two by the occupying forces. Sector two is the area which KDF is tasked to secure.

But reports say El- Adde villagers welcomed the news that KDF have withdrawn from the region claiming innocent lives have been lost as a result of Kenya airstrikes.

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At the same time, the Islamist militants known to be in the habit of inflating real numbers revealed they had captured the base on Tuesday.

They had earlier claimed to have masscared more than 100 soldiers in the raid. But the actual number of people slaugthered in the attack is yet to be made public by Kenyan officials.

As the spokesman of Al-Shabaab told Reuters this morning,

This morning we peacefully captured El Adde

This claim was echoed by the locals.

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Though KDF have been launching severe retaliatory attacks targeting Al Shabaab bases near El-Adde since they killed their men, the troops denied killing innocent people.

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As we already know, Kenyan troops as part of an African Union (AU) force in Somalia (AMISOM), suffered huge losses during the Al Shabaab’s onslaught in their camp close to the Kenyan border on Jan. 15.

The al Qaeda affliate terrorist group are fighting to chase AU forces far out of Somalia as well as overthrowing Somalia’s Western-backed government.