Kenyan Wife Wants Husband Jailed For not Wanting Her Being Sexy

A Kenyan wife reported her husband to court claiming he assaulted her just because she wore a dress he saw as skimpy.

The city woman who is identified as Hellen Aswila reportedly asked the court to jail her husband who reprimanded her for wearing a revealing dress.

Hellen defended herself saying her husband Almois Shamala assaulted her at their Starehe home after a long argument over her dress.

The court heard that the Kenyan wife arrived home from work wearing a short dress and her husband who is a bakery attendant was not pleased by her appearance, thus, he demanded that she explains why she had to go to work dressed in a dress as small as a scarf.

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This led to a long argument that culminated in a physical assault as Hellen jumped to the defensive.

Speaking to the court, the Kenyan wife Hellen, claimed the dress was decent enough, and which is why she wore it in public. In reply, her angry  husband Shamala had to attack her before ordering her to pack her things and leave the house — together with the kids.

Neighbours who heard the commotion rushed to the scene. Hellen who had allegedly sustained injuries was rushed to the police as the police were called in to arrest the suspect.

The suspect denied the charges and was released on a Sh10,000 cash bail. The case is set to start on July 19.

Buzzkenya recalls a similar petty incidence where a woman, from Kabukara village in Sirisia constituency, Bungoma county, died violently after a fight with her husband over Sh150.

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According to reports, 32-year old Allan Osiome requested Sh150 from his wife Feophe Ekas, 28. The wife had received the money from her women group during a merry-go-round and intended to use it to buy medicine for her sick grandmother. Her husband on the other hand requested the money with the intention of using it to buy cheap liquor, thus, his wife refused

A fight ensued as infuriated and already drunk Osiome snatched the Sh150 from his wife. Following a beating, he grabbed a knife and stabbed her in the chest and stomach multiple times, killing her instantly. Lawyers have called for the arrest and prosecution of Osiome as the police tries to gain justice for the diseased family.