Kenyan Woman Murders Son While Reportedly “Exorcising Demons” [Video]

Police has bundled a woman named Irene Mbithe on Thursday after residents of Kangurue slum in the capital Nairobi called attention of the public over the suspicious death of her son, Brian Kibet. The woman all in a mysterious quest to cast out demons from her six-month old son murdered him by pulling out some of the boy’s body parts as his body began showing a strange phenomena.

In fact, at the time police arrived at the scene, the woman has already cut out the child’s tongue and hollowed out his intestines. The baby’s aunt, Catherine Muthama in a video posted on Youtube by K24 television, expressed perplexity over the terrible incident.

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According to her:

“Nilishangaa sana kufika hapa kuona mama mtoto amevuruta ulimi ya mtoto kabisa na nikamuuliza kwanini anamaiza mtoto (When I arrived I was surprised to see the mother having pulled out the tongue of the baby and I screamed at her asking why she had killed him.”

Neighbours revealed that the woman spent the whole night on Wednesday casting away evil from her so, adding that there was a different and an unusual commotion in the house that night.

The child’s mother, who spoke in Swahili, insisted she didn’t plan to murder her own son. She said:

“Mungu nifungwe kama kuna kitu kibaya nimetendea huyu mtoto wangu ambaye nimeombea sana kupata (God punish me if I have done anything wrong to my son who I love so much and have prayed for years to conceive and give birth to).”

The action of the middle aged woman wobbled the whole country in shock as exorcism on the toddler went extreme. Police took the body of the baby to mortuary and arrested Mbithe for grilling at the Kayole Police station.

This isn’t the first time we have seen a case of extreme exorcism in Kenya. In 2015, we a strange story of a man who was reportedly exorcised of a homosexual demon was picked up while swimming in Kenya’s Coastal city of Mombasa.

According to him, the demon was given to him by two men whom he swam with, according to Emmanuel TV.