Kenyan Women Demand The Arrest Of Wife Batterer In 48 Hours

Domestic violence which is normally among married people with most of the violence practised against women is a big issue in many parts of Africa not just in Kenya. Though it is a widespread behaviour and does happen anywhere around the world Kenya probably has no strong legal consequences for those who commit this offence or if there are, they seem not so effective. For this reason, the rate at which this ill act take place in the country is now on the rise.  And this why women have decided to unite themselves to respond to the calls of people being beaten and killed by those who say they love them.  So those who are repeatedly battered and struck merciless like they are log of woods by their husbands because no tough punishments seem to be awaiting offenders now have the support of all Kenyan women. The most recent event which got all the women angry and led to their unity involves a woman whose husband brutally smacked like they were in boxing bout. Read the full story below


Ruth Gakii was a happy single woman until she got into a seemingly wrong marriage. She went to a close friend’s birthday party  and met a man she called her better half. She thought she has taken the best decision of her life. Little did she know that he would someday become a “villain”. Life was beautiful; She was treated like the prettiest woman alive, her prince charming Alphonse Kambu from Papua New Guinea made her feel safe around him, she thought it would last forever. It continued until she became pregnant, Gakii reveals her husband, who shockingly is a UN worker, turned violent. Based on her, the man who never wanted to see her frown now wants to see her perish in pains, and he began assaulting her more often than not, even going to the extent of beating her in front of her parents.

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Photo of Alphonse Kambu


On Sunday, the 26-year-old mother of one was battered out and left for dead by the man who claim she is neglecting their 3 and a half-year-old son.

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When Gakii was interviewed from her hospital bed, she told a very disheartening, worrying and devastating story. She aired how her ex sugar had been mistreating her and even making their under aged son gobble alcohol. The woman, who runs a small business selling make up and women’s hand bags, says the only thing that would make smile again is sheer justice and full custody of her son.

Ruth is presently receiving treatment at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, and says that Alphonse has formerly made cash offers to give up her son but she has declined. According to her, this has been the main reason for all his wicked actions on her.

The woman has since reported the matter to police and wants Alphonse arrested and charged for assault.

After the incident, many women on social media led by activist Diana Okello have threatened to take to the streets if police fail to arrest the suspect within 48 hours. Okello says she has also written a letter to the UN, the man’s employer, and is still waiting for their